I used to write good…

I had reason to look back through some old blog posts yesterday and I impressed myself with the quality, and more importantly, the content of past essays. I will always love THIS ONE.

And here’s one from 2009 that I think I need to read every day to remind myself – “Still so much to learn, still surprises, still hopes and dreams and plans…still a lot of life to write…I am still evolving, not young but not finished, standing on a solid foundation of experience, yesterdays are stepping stones to tomorrow which is still Unwritten…”

AND THIS …when did I stop being wise? And thoughtful? “Carpe Diem, indeed. I’m not talking about big things, I’m talking about the small pleasures we deny ourselves every day – sometimes the big picture is too big for the modest size of our dreams and our real lives. It’s not just that gift card that comes with an expiration date, so does today.” Also this from the same essay – “If you can’t bring yourself to seize the day, then at least seize the moment.”

Damn but 2009 was a good year for writing – and thinking and being wise – a quote from THIS POST…There are places in the past I like to visit. There are places in the future I like to inhabit in my imagination but when all is said and done NOW is what I have at hand. This day, this hour, this moment. And NOW is where I experience all there is – because now IS all there is.”

Coming up in 10 days, my birthday. I think I need to go back and read what I wrote and believed and still do and take my own advice.

Where did I go? What stopped me in my tracks? I’ve never stopped dreaming and plotting and planning but somehow now it’s not so – urgent? Plausible? Has reality really beaten me down this far?  Have I given up? (Me? Never!)

To quote myself – “Still a lot of life to write

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  1. Those were all wonderful examples of your talent with words. Profound, wise, and a joy to read! I look forward to reading what you still have to write. ❤

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    1. It is a good line and good advice – similar to “If having a great day is too much pressure, then have an okay day with a few bright moments.” Not my line but a similar sentiment.

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    1. I remember your reaction to that post – you went through your closet and posted some fashion photos…Maybe I’ve just said all I have to say about life – I’m very vocal about other subjects – you’d crack up laughing if you were in my living roon every night while the news is on – my running commentary has my husband rolling his eyes and sucking his teeth – if he were the sort of person who rolled his eyes and sucked his teeth…

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          1. You follow a lot of people, it was a while back. I am not throwing your senior status under the bus, I would be impressed if a 30 year old remembered. But I guess I can understand. I was inspired enough to post photos and give you credit. Plus I probably looked great 😂 (half joking). Anyway I agree that your writing is superb and once again I enjoyed that post last night while eating and it got me put of doing a blog n eat post cuz I had nuthin to say.


            1. Boo – I like you, I care about you, Plus I have a phenomenal memory And as you say – I inspired you to have a bit of fun…that made me feel good 😘

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