It’s a sunny 72…

The weather has been really beautiful so I’ve been trying to go outside for a walk – so boring. So very, very boring.

I tried listening to music but that only distracted me and I almost did a couple of whoopsies.  The sidewalks, where there are sidewalks, are not in the best of conditions. And neither am I.  Bad back, back knees, bad heart – just sucks whatever pleasure one might get out of a stroll.

I was going to go off in another direction today because I know there are some houses that go bonkers with the Halloween decorations but those blocks have no place to rest so I did the same circuit as usual and this was the best I could find – I’m thinking these people, both on the same block, got a volume discount –


13 thoughts on “It’s a sunny 72…

  1. I do like this! We don’t have those here, or maybe we do, but l haven’t seen them, they would look cool. But l don’t have a garden to display them in and the allotment is too hidden for anyone to see them, but l do like this!

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    1. Both of those houses had big blow-ups but the winds and rain of the last week or so trashed them – you can see the remnants of one in the background of the second photo…maybe I can work up the strength over the next few days to walk past the crazy Halloween houses…

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      1. Ah l did wonder what that was in the background, now l know. That’s a shame, but l guess if they are commercially made and not bespoke then they will damage more easily. I did also wonder what material they were made of, now l kind of know.

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        1. They are made of vinyl mostly – there are some very pricey ones available (Of course there are!) – also, I just checked, they are called inflatables – fancy balloons…For those who have nothing better to do with their money there are things like THIS

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  2. Pretty creative with the skeleton coming out of the ground. I put a pumpkin on the front porch and that’s the extent of my Halloween decorations!

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    1. I’ve got none but then I live in an apartment and we are not allowed to decorate on anything that shows – so no window clings or balcony decor except at Christmas


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