Where Do I Start?

I need a new phone or a new small camera. My Powershot is shot – it is minimally 10 years old and it won’t even turn on. I bought a new battery – no deal. I have an iPhone XR and the camera on this is nothing to write home about. I do have a big Nikon but I’m paranoid about wandering around the neighborhood with it.

Crap photo from today’s walk…

I did walk in a different direction today hoping to find some of the cool Halloween decorations and this neighborhood has disappointed me again. This is the best they can come up with.  This neighborhood has done better in years past. I dug up this little movie from my files – 2017 – (sound on – cute song).

Now then, the walking part. I’ve known for a long time that running/jogging on concrete is detrimental to your health but the older and feebler I get I realize walking on concrete is no joy either. I walk around the apartment, the building, the supermarket – no problems, no pain. No huffing and puffing.  Hell, sometimes I even skip and run in the supermarket with no ill effects. But man, walking around the block slays me.

Now for some Shitz and Giggles –

Some coward aka Anonymous posted a snarky comment on yesterday’s post. I don’t mind the comment, as snark goes it’s not much. According to the IP address it came from Charter Communications ➜ Spectrum ➜ USA ➜ Missouri ➜ St. Louis.

Now if you want to comment you have to put in your name and email. If that’s a problem for anyone let me know.  If you’re a friend then you have my email address. If you’re a stranger, I guess you can comply or stay a stranger.

Also too – I had a widget in the footer that connected to my IG account. Someone clicked through on that. Which is nice (I guess) but I have removed it. It was dumb. If you do noodle around IG and want to find me, I’m @justtawkin. (I’m so creative with the names.)

I think that’s it for me today. No walking tomorrow it’s gonna rain (for a change). Oh wait, one more thing about the walking stuff. I bought a pedometer and today I walked for 17 minutes, 0.81 miles, 1996 steps (give or take since I didn’t program in my exact stride).  I don’t know if that’s good or bad for a crippled old woman but statistics are fun!

15 thoughts on “Where Do I Start?

  1. That skeleton is tall! I watched the video too and dang that was a lot of pumpkins! It’s great you’re getting out for walks but what I’d really like to see is you skipping and running in a supermarket! I’ve been known to dance in them but I have run or skip in them – yet!

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    1. It went up to the second story! I don’t dance much in the supermarket because they play crap music most of the time but yeah, I skip and occasionally push the cart at speed!


  2. I saw that person’s comment this morning and came close to unloading on them about what a moron they are. But there’s common wisdom about not feeding the trolls, plus I knew you’d fix ’em.
    Cute video, ha.

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    1. In all my years on-line I don’t think I’ve had had a troll – there were people I “knew” who were less than wonderful but never a stranger…their comment was rather pathetic *sigh*

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    1. I wonder if they sold all those pumpkins at the pumpkin patch festival? Yup, that skelton went up to the second story of the house…


  3. I can’t comment on lack of Halloween decor as I didn’t put out any this year. Saving money and just don’t have time for the extra work right now. Kids will get pumpkins this weekend to carve or paint. As that is our tradition. I am glad you are getting out and walking. For camera may I suggest upgrading your phone? I have 11 pro max and love the camera! The big screen is perfect even for editing photos. I’ve found no need for an iPad with the phone serving the purpose. Just my two cents.

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    1. I was thinking of splurging on a new phone, we’ll see how the going outside thing develops because I use my phone for almost nothing at all – I rarely call anyone not even doctors to make an appointment because most of that is done on-line. We use George’s phone to order Ubers, I do text/send little videos to our daughter and granddaughters…that’s it. I get texts when I use Paypal because I have the extra layer of security on that account…For what I use my phone for 2 orange juice cans and a string would be just fine!


  4. Strangely enough, l am experiencing a lot of issues walking of late and l can’t determine if it’s just the gardening taking its toll or a couple of Friday’s ago l tripped on a raised paving slab on my street here in town. Because it is a medieval town with narrow streets doesn’t stop wide loads and huge volumes of traffic coming through here. We have 79 buses drive through my street from 7am to 11.30pm and occasionally they have to mount the kerbs to get past parked cars.

    This then causes issues with the concrete pavement slabs and they might raise an inch or so, unless you know it’s raised, you’ll not see it. Two Fridays ago l tripped over a raised slab, it caused me to run stumble for about 30 feet – you know the style l mean, you could fall because of the momentum but you fight to retain your balance and despite looking like a clot, you somehow manage to not land on your knees.

    Well l think ultimately is that which caus emy painful heel but also the pinched/trapped nerve in my lower back/hip.

    But now l struggle to walk on hard flat surfaces unless l am wearing padding in my shoes.

    I agree with Ann, that’s a mighty tall skeleton!

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    1. Yeah, I know that windmill thing – your arms going like crazy to try and keep your balance – been there, done that fer sure! Actually I did go down once and fractured my elbow. The sidewalks are uneven and bumpy like that here too – mostly from tree roots I suspect. I’m back to my pedaler – too damn dangerous for me out on the street.

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        1. Indeed – I also realized that listening to music while walking aimlessly was dangerous. Whether it is traffic or curbs or crappy sidewalks you have to maintain constant vigilance – which I suppose is a good thing under any circumstance but it seems as we get older that vigilance is more necessary and kinda takes the fun out of walking because it distracts you from experiencing the other things that might be more interesting than trip hazards.

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  5. I thought your “troll” was pretty unremarkable. (You might [or might not] know I’m here in Missouri, but it wasn’t me. I’m at the other end. We don’t have a big arch–we are mostly known for cattle roaming the streets.)

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