If you talk about it you jinx it…

Yesterday I mentioned that I was logging some good sleeping then last night I hardly slept at all. And for no discernable reason. Today is Tuesday – nothing going on I could sleep as long as I wanted, so no anxiety about the upcoming day.  The room was neither too hot nor too cold. Aside from one major coughing attack on my husband’s part, all was quiet. The coughing attack didn’t wake me, I was on a bathroom break. I just flipped and flopped and tossed and turned and occupied my mind with nonsense.

As in: I have to retype my internet password chart, well not actually retype it, edit it, add new, delete old. I was also enjoying the feel of the sheets. Sheets are changed on Sunday afternoon, so by Monday night they are still feeling all crisp and lovely.  I was really enjoying the sheets and mentally writing a post extolling their virtues. This activity actually made me happy. Eventually I fell asleep, was out of bed by a little after 7am. All good.

Except – the coffee was dreadful. Really nasty. It was a new bag that my husband had opened yesterday. I made another pot, using the same bag of coffee, got the same results. I do not know why I thought only some of the coffee would be bad. I opened another bag, same thing. I opened the other 3 bags of coffee – all rancid. We buy coffee from Amazon, 5 –  18 ounce bags a month on a subscribe and save deal. Amazon won’t allow me to return the coffee and they won’t refund my $90. You know I am pissed plus my husband just stopped working and I can’t afford to be throwing $90 down the drain. (Edit: Lisa’s comment inspired me to have another go at Amazon Customer Service. Finally ‘spoke’ to another chat bot, no I don’t really think they are real people and received a refund! Yay!)

I took a 2.5  hour break – made lunch, ate lunch, cleaned up lunch dishes, made a cake, cleaned up kitchen again and here I am.

I read something this morning that annoyed me and I was gonna say something but that would make me as bad as them, so mouth shut. First world problems, people, first world problems.

I cut my hair this morning too. Nice and super short and I feel so much better. I look in the mirror and I recognize the person I see. So weird how I can’t imagine myself as I once was – all stylish in my own odd way.

I still have half a day ahead of me – it’s not even 2:30pm perhaps I’ll read for a bit, or do some more house work, I’d say I’ll take a nap but I’m not sleepy. I’m a little antsy..

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

There is an old saying “We get too soon old, and too late smart” and I am a living testament to that.  For the 10 years that I have lived here I have been forcing myself to get up at the crack of dawn twice a week to do laundry (community laundry rooms). Truth to tell it is not really necessary – I’ve discovered (actually known) that afternoons no one is ever using the laundry rooms. Why have I been torturing myself all these years, forcing myself into some unnecessary, irrational ‘schedule’ that doesn’t serve me in any way?  And certainly keeps me from getting a decent night’s sleep. So last week I decided to

And it’s been lovely!

I wonder about this whole “Frozen” thing. The first movie came out in 2013, the follow-up, “Frozen 2”, came out in 2019. My granddaughters are 3 and 5 years old – they are just as devoted to Frozen 1 as they are to Frozen 2.

I really don’t enjoy animated anything. Cartoons are just not my thing, never were, going back to Farmer Grey. There is one animated thing I like and that’s the movie Coraline.  I don’t do Disney either. Never have seen the attraction there.

Yeah, sure I watched the Mickey Mouse Club , can’t say I remember much about it aside from Jiminy Cricket. The only way I can spell the word “encyclopedia” is by singing it.  Disney characters, the whole Disney experience never captured my fancy.  I hated most of the Disney films that I was forced to watch and I still get upset that Bambi’s mother died. (And that’s all I remember about the movie.) I just never got the whole princess thing either.  Personally, I wanted to be a Duchess.


Oh my heart!

I send my granddaughters little videos. I make them with Instagram, save them, and message them to their Mom’s phone. I usually ‘dress up’ as some character or creature and tell them I love them and such. It’s a way to stay in touch since we live so far apart and we only see them once a year.  The girls seem to really like them and will annoy their Mom to play Nonna’s videos.

This morning I got this text:

Despite looking morning dreadful I quickly made a video but “dressed up” in a piggy costume. (Gotta love IG filters).  I haven’t heard back yet but I hope my darling granddaughter is feeling better. I know I am…

Thanks Giving

Thank You is my favorite phrase. I shall take this opportunity of Thanksgiving Day to use it liberally and with love…

Thank you to my friends, scattered far and wide, most of whom I have never met. They are always there for me in whatever way they can be.

Lisa, Sharla, David, Jennifer, Ann. You have my thanks and my heart.

My husband and I have been shopping at the same store for 10 years now. It’s not the greatest grocery store but it has always had the best people working there.  Always kind, always helpful.

Since the middle of October my husband’s health has been declining rapidly. He can no longer accompany me to the grocery store. The kindness and concern of the lovely people who work there touches my heart.  Mark the Deli/Bakery Manager – I swear I couldn’t shop without him. Tuul, my favorite cashier. Merrely at the Customer Service Desk, a lovely lady in the bakery department who doesn’t wear a name tag.

Wednesday when I was shopping Mark and the bakery lady made sure I got my husband’s favorite bread. Merrely ran my lottery tickets before I even asked for them, Tuul asked if I had by chance forgotten some of the items that I buy every week – she knows I’m a little stressed.

Everyone of these lovely people sent their regards and good wishes to my husband.  I can’t thank them enough.

Thanks for Ruth the day concierge in my building.  She makes the package delivery people bring the heavy bulky packages to our door. If she hasn’t seen me for a few days and I get a package she will deliver it herself and make sure she sees me. Ruth keeps an eye on us, and I’m thankful for that.

Thanks for Rizwan – the fellow who delivers from Paisano’s. We usually order in on Wednesday and he is always the one who delivers our food. Last week my husband answered the door instead of me and Rizwan asked “Where is my sister? Is she ok?”  Yesterday when I answered the door he said “So good to see you my sister. How is the Sir?”  My husband shouted out a hello from inside the apartment. We wished each other a happy holiday.  How nice is that?

And thanks to all the Uber drivers who load and unload my grocery bags and even bring them inside the building for me. They don’t have to do that. I thankful that they do.

So many people who impact my life on a daily basis, who are kind and thoughtful.

For all of these people I ask the Universe to rain down every blessing on them, just as I am blessed that the Universe have sent these people into my life.

Holy hell, am I grumpy today

After two days, or is that two nights, of minimal sleep, I got in a solid 9 hours last night with just one leg cramp meander around the apartment and one bathroom break.  Consequently I am well rested and annoyed with everything.

After going through email and getting pissed at the fakakta tracking information on something I ordered, oh yes I can download an app that will track my package in real time – screw that I’m not downloading any more apps, just give me the correct tracking number, I began reading blogs.

Usually these blogs that I read first thing (or actually second thing, after email) are interesting or at least amusing and all made me grumpy as hell. I had a negative reaction to everything that was said (written?).

Did I comment? No, of course not. One does not disagree with anything one reads in a personal blog. Even if invited to comment with one’s own experience or thoughts. Those experiences and thoughts must align with those of the blogger. I don’t get the point to that but I guess all anyone is seeking is validation of themselves.

And speaking of self-validation, if anyone knows any blogger is who similar to me in age, attitude or general outlook, could you please direct me to their site?

The only blog where I feel free to be me and comment as such is Rory’s. Bless his heart. I trust I am not disagreeable while disagreeing.

Currently it’s 10am and chilly. Yesterday was just an awful day and I was out in it – chilly and damp and me waiting for busses that took their own sweet time in showing up. The damp chill seeped up from the sidewalk through my shoes, up my legs and settled in my knees and back, I think it may turn out to be an ugly Winter.

I just got lost there for a bit going through my Vimeo account watching Frankie videos – damn I miss her and also living with cats in general.

Got lost again looking for a photo of my first cat, Max, but that was 50 years ago and I don’t have many of him plus the ones I do have all have the ‘red-eye’ that comes with film and flash. Then I was just flipping through a photo album and hot damn but I was really pretty, or perhaps good looking would be a better description, when I was young!


Just comics today –

I’ve often said “Agnes” was my alter ego – for example –

And of course there is “Pickles”. Old married folks all relate to Pickles, they are us. In Sunday’s paper this little bit of truth and reality appeared. I didn’t initially react to it but my husband insists it is JUST LIKE us…And thinking about it, these kinds of conversations occur on every subject. (” Oh, for God’s sake just pick something!”)