Happy November 1st

It was a foggy morning and now it’s a bright shiny afternoon.

It’s been a rough couple of days and I refuse to spread doom and gloom outside these walls. Let’s see if I can find some fluff ‘n stuff…

TV – 5,493 channels and nothing to watch. The pandemic certainly had a negative impact on the entertainment biz. After things lifted a bit productions started up but with limited episodes. Second and third and fourth etc seasons we were looking forward to haven’t happened or happened with half the usual number of episodes. At least for British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand tv shows. I can’t say much for US television because we watch very little of it. Not that we are snobs it’s just that there is very little that interests us. We are not teenagers, or 20-somethings, or 30-somethings or even 40-somethings. We are not interested in shows or movies about these folks either. Tho I must admit we did enjoy “Emily in Paris” maybe because I have a thing for Paris and my husband likes rom-coms. (I know, I know – my husband is such a girl!)

After scrolling through Prime I decided to take a look at “Mozart in the Jungle” an oldie (2014-2018) but, it turns out, a goodie.

I never binge watch. At most I will watch two consecutive episodes of a show and that’s when an episode ends on a cliff hanger and I MUST see what happens next.  Yet, half hour shows are easier to binge and I watched 5 episodes of Mozart in one might and then the next 5 episodes the next night and that took care of season 1 and then I took a break.

The best part of the show? The music! Yes, it’s classical music and I love it. I let the credits roll because of the music behind them. I sit and sway and conduct to my happiness. Classical music is so danceable, probably why so many ballets are set to classical music. I used to dance in my seat at the symphony and had to exert great effort to NOT conduct the orchestra.

So here’s a show with charming characters, not a vile nasty one among them (so far), a fluffy storyline, and damn –  the music. It has music. I’m in love!

And that’s my fluff for the day…

11 thoughts on “Happy November 1st

  1. I admire your self control. If I get interested in something, I could watch all the episodes until 3 in the morning. This is the reason I choose not to own a TV.
    I love that your husband likes rom coms. That is sweet.

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    1. It’s not self control, it’s lack of patience. Sit in one place for 2.5 hours? Are you kidding me! Sometimes I watch tv standing up and doing some stretching exercises LOL I’m not a huge fan of rom-coms my husband OTOH loves them. He cries through ‘Love, Actually” every year. His favorite tv show is “The Gilmore Girls” and he has watched the entire series 4 times – he is currently watching at this very moment but he has to wear headphones because that woman’s voice drives me fucking bonkers! My favorite tv show is “Saving Grace” . And if you’ve ever seen it then you know the difference between me and my husband.

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  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough couple of days. I appreciate your fluff about this show on Prime. It sounds interesting! We actually have that service but I haven’t looked into what’s on it other than I know they air the Thursday night football game and there are usually glitches in the live stream. I don’t watch TV during the day and J controls the remote at night so sports are always on this time of year. I go upstairs with the pets and read so it works out.

    Wishing you have smoother, sunny days this week!

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    1. I think the show was originally on Netflix. Prime recycles a lot of older/old shows. I don’t watch tv during the day either it seems weird to do that, right? When I want to watch something and G doesn’t I watch on my computer – it has a 24 inch screen and I use headphones and quite frankly it is a better viewing experience, it’s just sitting in an office chair that makes it not optimal.


  3. There are very few newer shows that I like. The few I do watch, I stream the latest episode and then go search for something old. Lately it’s been black and white episodes of Perry Mason

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  4. TV – 5,493 channels and nothing to watch. Hahaha excellent l did love that line!

    I am oft baffled as to how anyone could binge watch anything, it would drive me iNSane!!

    I had not heard of Mozart in the Jungle – l’ll check it out – l have been watching and falling asleep to and watching James Bond movies …. but l am need of 45 min max episodes of something.

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    1. “Mozart in the Jungle” is a sweet fluffy show with music. I enjoy the hell out of it. I skipped watching for 2 days then last night I made it the last thing I watched before bed because you know I just wanted to keep on watching. It just makes me happy.

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