Making lemons into limoncello

Today, being Monday, is always a shit day. Monday=laundry=getting up at o’dark thirty. But it got worse –

After posting I checked my blog email account and saw there was a comment from someone I didn’t care to hear from. Someone I have avoided for over 40 years and will do everything in my power to avoid until I die. I deleted the comment and blocked them on WP. Then I went over to FB and deleted the page I had made for the blog, then deleted an account I had in my birth name, then blocked this person from my active FB page.

Then I bought a new domain name, deleted the old domain, gave the blog a new name, changed the header and here I am. And I’m feeling quite pleased. I’ve used my gravatar profile picture as the header but left off the official blog name – which is the name of my beloved cat Miss Frankie. Frankie was one grumpy little cat but smart as a whip – I loved her to pieces and then some. Miss Frankie and I are a lot alike, so why not honor her.

You know I thought something was weird when I noticed that on Nov. 4th my stats showed 139 views. I thought that was some kind of error, then I thought someone was reading through my entire blog. The last post before today was on Nov. 4th and the comment in question was posted on Nov. 6th which I didn’t see until late morning today. Bingo! Those 139 views I’m pretty damn sure were all this particular person who shall not be named. I hope they had fun.

But all this deleting and re-inventing gave me such a spurt of creative energy. I’ve decided to do a photo-a-day on my IG account and take pics of things around my apartment, starting with my bookcases. I’m posting twice in one day here on the blog and my brain is swirling with things I want to do and say and write.

I’ve gone from angry and edgy to bouncy and fun. Also – I will not engage with this person no matter how much my native New York snark bubbles to the surface and begs to be set free. I’ve avoided this person for all these years and I will continue to do. I was tempted to respond but decided to stroll the high road singing in the key of delete.

10 thoughts on “Making lemons into limoncello

  1. Ick. I’m sorry that you have a pseudo-stalker, Grace. I still remember the video you posted of Frankie talking back to you. “Get off the counter!” Then she gave an attitude meow. And this is before I personally even became a cat person (my girlfriend B has converted me). Frankie made quite the impression that I viewed that video like a year and a half ago and I still remember that darn video of your beloved cat.

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  2. Wow! Now I understand what prompted the new blog! I’m sorry they popped in on you uninvited and unwanted like that. I enjoy remembering Miss Frankie each time I visit your blog now though.

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    1. Ah, my little Lulubelle…I miss her so damn much…I miss living with a cat, I didn’t think it would ever come to this. I always said I would foster when I became to old to be able to promise a lifetime to a cat but with G’s disability a cat is just not a safe situation for him (G not the cat…)

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    1. Been avoiding it for over 40 years – ain’t gonna stop now. You would think some people would get the message. Narcissists are such a piece of work, and stepping back – funny as hell.


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