Holy hell, am I grumpy today

After two days, or is that two nights, of minimal sleep, I got in a solid 9 hours last night with just one leg cramp meander around the apartment and one bathroom break.  Consequently I am well rested and annoyed with everything.

After going through email and getting pissed at the fakakta tracking information on something I ordered, oh yes I can download an app that will track my package in real time – screw that I’m not downloading any more apps, just give me the correct tracking number, I began reading blogs.

Usually these blogs that I read first thing (or actually second thing, after email) are interesting or at least amusing and all made me grumpy as hell. I had a negative reaction to everything that was said (written?).

Did I comment? No, of course not. One does not disagree with anything one reads in a personal blog. Even if invited to comment with one’s own experience or thoughts. Those experiences and thoughts must align with those of the blogger. I don’t get the point to that but I guess all anyone is seeking is validation of themselves.

And speaking of self-validation, if anyone knows any blogger is who similar to me in age, attitude or general outlook, could you please direct me to their site?

The only blog where I feel free to be me and comment as such is Rory’s. Bless his heart. I trust I am not disagreeable while disagreeing.

Currently it’s 10am and chilly. Yesterday was just an awful day and I was out in it – chilly and damp and me waiting for busses that took their own sweet time in showing up. The damp chill seeped up from the sidewalk through my shoes, up my legs and settled in my knees and back, I think it may turn out to be an ugly Winter.

I just got lost there for a bit going through my Vimeo account watching Frankie videos – damn I miss her and also living with cats in general.

Got lost again looking for a photo of my first cat, Max, but that was 50 years ago and I don’t have many of him plus the ones I do have all have the ‘red-eye’ that comes with film and flash. Then I was just flipping through a photo album and hot damn but I was really pretty, or perhaps good looking would be a better description, when I was young!


19 thoughts on “Holy hell, am I grumpy today

  1. 9 hours of sleep sounds glorious! Glad you’re rested but sorry you’re annoyed! You’re blog is the only one I read these days and I don’t ever find myself annoyed here!

    I’m grateful for videos of my animals and sure wish I had more memories of the pets I had before it was so easy to take videos and even photos. I’ve been thinking about this more lately as we’ve been struggling with Angel’s health. She’s on my lap right now making it difficult to type but these days she does what she wants and we go along with it. When she wakes me up in the middle of the night, I remind myself one day she won’t be here and I’ll wish she was so what’s a few hours of missed sleep? Apparently it’s a lot because I, too, have been having health/memory issues and I think it has to do with lack of sleep and lots of stress. I’m having a brain MRI done next week to make sure it’s nothing else serious but something has to change.

    Did your email address change?

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    1. No my email hasn’t changed. Yes I got yours and you are always welcome and on my mind almost daily. I’ll email you later for a real chat. 🥰


  2. You were definitely a bang-tail grace-slick level hottie. You’d have broke my heart in the 70’s. I can see it now, going around NY bars complaining to people that my friend Grace was not a lesbian. Heh.
    Sorry you are cranky. I know the feeling and I always hope I don’t irritate you further when I comment and try to sympathize with irritation. But I am impulsive and can’t help myself. Heh. If I knew someone besides Rory (followed him, like him) to connect you with, I would already have completed that task. You’re unique though and I value that about you.

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      1. It wasn’t so much that my reactions were snippy just like completely opposite and furthermore in one case I thought the writer was just being petty and judgemental – and furthermore who the hell cares what Cher or Madonna do – and yes, cheers to Cher and her way younger boyfriend. I don’t know jack-shit about Madonna nor do I care enough to go look and comment – positively or negatively – just none of my damn business. Then she went on to post a video of Jason Momoa stating he was her idea of a manly man except he didn’t have a hairy chest…Oh for fucks sake – grow the hell up and take your judgemental little self elsewhere…Um, sorry about going off like that 🤣 The other blogger was just being twee – which bugged me. You see when I am well rested and not anxious about anything I get easily irritated at minor things. .(Now I have to go be serious and have a chat with my darling Sharla…)

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          1. See that’s the point – I wasn’t feeling irritable and grumpy until I read these annoying posts LOL (gonna send you a funny email or wait – go to my facebook or my IG – @justtawkin – for a hoot of a pic

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            1. Saw it and replied :). Yeah, okay I see that way too where people’s dumb chat could get me annoyed. Though honestly if I was in one of my hypersexual moods, I could see saying something like that about Jason Mamoa. And something equally that stupid. Thankfully for all concerned I have not been hypersexual on my blog for a while.

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              1. Here’s the clip in question – https://youtu.be/4nX3-M9lC7M Quite frankly he doesn’t do a thing for me – tho he does have a great face especially if he would shave the beard and cut his hair. My taste in men runs to long and lanky and hairless – lawsy I HATE hairy men – hate beards/moustaches, hate long hair on men. Men just look better with their clothes on – funniest sight in the world is a naked man with an erection…

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                1. 😂. We have very different taste in men. Getting into my bisexuality, I think some hairy men are attractive, just depends on the man. And I like long hair, though certainly not all men can pull it off. I have heard so many straight women talk about how unsightly the naked erect man is. It’s funny. I don’t disagree, but again for me I certainly don’t mind that sight in certain moods and frames of mind.

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    1. Damn girl I was a hottie! But – here’s a story for ya. I had a friend who decided she was gay after having been straight. I was the last one of her inner circle that she told. She thought I would be shocked or some shit. I told her I was insulted and hurt that she thought that. Why would I care? My line always was that I wished there were more lesbians in the world because that would mean more men for me! Anyway, my friend invited me to a dinner party with the other guests being her new lesbian friends. This was the late 1970’s (?). I was dressed in a 3-piece pants suit, high-heeled brogues, open collar mens style dress shirt. My friend and her other guests were all dressed like something out of Vogue magazine. Visually I was the one who looked like the stereotypical lesbian in my man-tailored clothes. But the best part – one of the guests was a doctor – Misty – great name – when we were introduced we shook hands, she held the handshake a bit long, looked me in the eyes and said “You are the straightest person I have ever met.”

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  3. Still epic level beautiful! Each age has its own definitions of expected beauty. You have excellent features inside and out that account for your current beauty! Big heart and intelligence topping the list, but close behind is your beautiful smile, stylish hair and lovable accent!

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  4. I think bleak winters, the cold and the damp, the grey and for me especially the wet here makes me somewhat cranky. I can tolerate the rain [well ISH] it’s getting a bit bloody repetitive currently and now the garden is waterlogged. Suze is cranky also, we joke and just call ourselves the Grumpy Fookers!

    When we are in the car grumbling about the bloody weather, about the other bloody drivers, bloody people, bloody rain, bloody this and bloody that, we turn and look at each other and say almost at the same time Shit! What are we going to be like when we are older??

    Suze usually says as Madam Crabky who bloody cares!

    9 Hours sleep is a good amount, l am currently working on 5 and a half, even when l try to get longer my body says no!

    Strangely enough l was looking at red eyed photos of my dogs the other day. We miss Scrappy and miss having a dog, but it’s a big commitment and we need to make sure we have both the time and the finances to dedicate properly.

    As Suze and l say every morning “Rock on it’s another bloody day!” I am actually being polite but l didn’t want to fill your blog with foul mouthed effings so opted for simple bloody’s 🙂

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    1. At least twice a week I manage 7-9 hours sleep – always interrupted because bathroom breaks – the rest of the time I’m lucky if I get 4 -5 hours sleep, also interrupted. Being brain dead from tiredness is a permanent state of being. Weather doesn’t bother too much – snow I hate and it makes me anxious because snow leads to ice which leads to I can’t leave the house because I might fall –

      Bloody! works for me!

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