If you talk about it you jinx it…

Yesterday I mentioned that I was logging some good sleeping then last night I hardly slept at all. And for no discernable reason. Today is Tuesday – nothing going on I could sleep as long as I wanted, so no anxiety about the upcoming day.  The room was neither too hot nor too cold. Aside from one major coughing attack on my husband’s part, all was quiet. The coughing attack didn’t wake me, I was on a bathroom break. I just flipped and flopped and tossed and turned and occupied my mind with nonsense.

As in: I have to retype my internet password chart, well not actually retype it, edit it, add new, delete old. I was also enjoying the feel of the sheets. Sheets are changed on Sunday afternoon, so by Monday night they are still feeling all crisp and lovely.  I was really enjoying the sheets and mentally writing a post extolling their virtues. This activity actually made me happy. Eventually I fell asleep, was out of bed by a little after 7am. All good.

Except – the coffee was dreadful. Really nasty. It was a new bag that my husband had opened yesterday. I made another pot, using the same bag of coffee, got the same results. I do not know why I thought only some of the coffee would be bad. I opened another bag, same thing. I opened the other 3 bags of coffee – all rancid. We buy coffee from Amazon, 5 –  18 ounce bags a month on a subscribe and save deal. Amazon won’t allow me to return the coffee and they won’t refund my $90. You know I am pissed plus my husband just stopped working and I can’t afford to be throwing $90 down the drain. (Edit: Lisa’s comment inspired me to have another go at Amazon Customer Service. Finally ‘spoke’ to another chat bot, no I don’t really think they are real people and received a refund! Yay!)

I took a 2.5  hour break – made lunch, ate lunch, cleaned up lunch dishes, made a cake, cleaned up kitchen again and here I am.

I read something this morning that annoyed me and I was gonna say something but that would make me as bad as them, so mouth shut. First world problems, people, first world problems.

I cut my hair this morning too. Nice and super short and I feel so much better. I look in the mirror and I recognize the person I see. So weird how I can’t imagine myself as I once was – all stylish in my own odd way.

I still have half a day ahead of me – it’s not even 2:30pm perhaps I’ll read for a bit, or do some more house work, I’d say I’ll take a nap but I’m not sleepy. I’m a little antsy..

5 thoughts on “If you talk about it you jinx it…

  1. Bad amazon!!! That’s not good at all. I know you’re savvy on all those dealings but I have found that chatting online with them gets better results than emailing.

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  2. Hey Grace, Suze and l have experience more problems with Amazon of late and especially when you want to get a refund for damaged or delayed goods. Suze said just now if you are looking to get hold of a real person opposed to a bot, try a different option to the refund or damaged and faulty goods option. There is real delay on these options, just try a different option to either of those and real people suddenly appear 🙂

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    1. The third bot worked just fine and I’ve got my refund! Yay! Usually I don’t have a problem with Amazon. I have noticed there are certain “actions” that need to be tweaked to get the outcome you want. Free returns for something that doesn’t fit? No but tell them it’s damaged – that gets free return. Anything under $10? they’ll process your refund and tell you to keep it. And so on and so on…

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