Fun with Fotos

This is just so fun –

I walked into my “office” and noticed the light, actually the whole room reflected in the window – so odd, so cool – so I snapped some photos – 

What I am seeing in front of me is really behind me. If you look in the lower right corner you will tree branches and a bright light – that is a lighted entry door to the building and they are all outside the window. But what about the curtains? Are they a reflection or the real thing?

I’m not sure. I took another photo and captured the ‘actual’ inside and the reflection – right to left – actual curtains – window – reflection of curtains.

I spent some time making some size adjustments and then walked away from my desk. About a half hour later I came back into the room and there were more cool reflections, naturally I took another photo –

So many layers – On the left the ‘actual’ curtains, then their reflection then my reflection, then the room behind me, then on the extreme right, reflection of the curtains. But wait! What’s that in the upper left? The balconies on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors!

These photos show the inside and the outside at the same time.  Behind me and in front of me – at the same time!  So cool!

11 thoughts on “Fun with Fotos

  1. Nice seeing a cameo of you, Grace 🙂. I know this really isn’t the point at all, but I really like that wooden bedframe that (what appears to be) a twin bed is sitting on. I like natural wood coloring.

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    1. It is a twin size platform bed with storage drawers, basically what most would call Shaker style and yes, it is solid rubber wood with a ‘natural’ finish. The bed in the master bedroom, my bookcases, the dining table – all solid wood in a natural finish. I do have some painted wood end tables in the living room for a pop of color but I prefer light colored wood –


      1. I love light colored wood. The only thing about solid wood is the weight. I had a bed like that with storage drawers, but I gave it away due to weight and anticipation of moving/not wanting to deal with it. Plus the paint job was ugly. It was painted white. I find white paint appalling on furniture unless it is at a beach house and used sparingly, ha.

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        1. I don’t know that I have good taste but certainly very specific likes and dislikes, with dislikes falling into the intolerable category LOL Yeah, white furniture is an abomination – even in a baby’s room.

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