My favorite

photos seem to be reflections. Or – for some reason those scenes are the ones that capture my attention.

If you live in an apartment building, unless you have a corner apartment, you will have windows on only one side of your apartment. Lucky for me my view is of trees and sky and only incidentally, if I look down, the parking lot.

I was looking out the window, on the look-out for the Giant food delivery truck when I was struck by the reflections on this silver car – long distance lens caught this –

The reflection of the building in the rear window, the trees reflected on the roof and then, after I downloaded the photo I noticed trees also reflected on the roof of the car parked to the right of the silver car.

I guess the light was just right but the more closely I looked the more reflections I saw.

I am fascinated by reflections…

5 thoughts on “My favorite

  1. That’s the true beauty of reflections – they remind me a lot of skipping stones …you might get one bounce or several per skip and that also happens with reflective photography. If you get the light right sometimes you don’t know how many you have captured till you get to editing 🙂

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  2. Awesome reflections.
    For some reason I can’t add this blog address to my feedly feed and I keep forgetting to come here and look for a post. Just so you know I think of you often I just have no brain when it comes to remembering to check your blog

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