Miscellaneous Mishegoss

For starters, today is Sunday, January 1st. New Year’s Day and for some strange reason it is a holiday. Except – Tomorrow, Monday, January 2nd is the day the ‘holiday’ will be officially celebrated with everything closed.  So many questions here – like – why is it a holiday in the first place?  I could rant on about ‘holidays’, their official day/date and the day/date they are ‘celebrated’ on but that would require some research, and I’m not in the mood because

I just stumbled over something I think is funny. Earlier today I read a blog post by Rivergirl about receiving kitchen appliances for Christmas.

A few minutes ago I checked my reader and there was a post on the Bluebird of Bitterness which was a re-post, I guess you could call it, from The Babylon Bee,  titled “Mary holding out hope for 4th wise man bearing an air fryer” .

Different strokes for different folks, eh? I doubt Rivergirl and the bluebird of bitterness got together and planned this and despite the old saying that there is no such thing as a coincidence, I’m guessing in this case there is – such a thing.

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  1. I’ve lost track of the days let alone the holidays the past couple of weeks especially the past 7 days. I’m not in a good place emotionally right now but life goes on so I’ll come around in due time.

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    1. You’ve had a hard six months – a physical and emotional roller coaster and Angel’s passing must feel the final straw. But yes, it will all settle – won’t stop hurting but it will settle…{{Huggiez}}


    1. Oh Rory thanks for asking but you know me – I am not all sweet and la-la-la I doubt my answers would fit in with the mind-set of your readership. To get positive answers from me you would have to ask about things I care about LOL

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      1. Okay then what do you care about then? I don’t think l particularly ask questions about sweet and la-la-la topics per se and the answers are not about pleasing a readership but they are answered from your perspective? What questions would you want to see asked?

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        1. They are all sweet and la-la questions to my mind – and they get sweet and la-la answers. And that is fine – just not for me. Sweetheart – sometimes I find things interesting and amusing just because I disagree with them. Most people don’t get me – and I in turn get that – my friend Ann who comments here – gets me, lord love her, We aren’t a lot alike, except that we are. And that statement might confuse some folks but Ann would understand it immediately. LOL I am careful what I say in public, first because I really don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings and second a lot of what I think is against the grain of my limited public exposure (meaning the people who read my tripe). So – I read and enjoy your blog, you know that. But I am not a candidate for for interviews or questions along the lines of why do you blog, what is the point of your blog and how much coffee do you drink – Actually I am not a candidate for interviews at all – {{Huggiez}} 🤗

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          1. You see, Grace, that should have been your first answer 🙂

            I read your blog because l expect and love the black-and-white honesty in your posts. Now you have given me a more direct answer as to why you don’t want to interview and are not an interviewee type. 🙂

            The series is starting, and the questions one sees are different anyway. I don’t just give a person nine questions; l give them 18, and they can pick what they want. Which ones they choose to answer will reflect who they are – we both know that – but as l get more into the series itself – l will be asking different questions.

            This was a series that l wanted to start on the other blog, but even l shied away from asking certain things, and my readership was tailored by my style of me back then, now l have a different type of me and that different kind will come out in some of the questions l want to ask.

            But again, it’ll be how some people answer. AND the readership l have is only starting to settle, and the readers l am looking to attract are just starting to see me as well.

            Let’s leave this interview option open for the moment or however long. When the series is more established, and different demographics answer more lifeline questions over the fru-fru styles, have a rethink if you’d like to do one.

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