Another Audio Post

Ok, the quality sucks and there is a lot of sniffling because I was crying a little and I was also laughing…And it is also a little self-serving but you know what I don’t care – it runs long – like 10 minutes, so if you really want to listen to it, open it, play it and then open another tab and check your email or something while you listen…

5 thoughts on “Another Audio Post

  1. I am so glad you had an epiphany and realized what I have told you for years…. You. Are. A. Blessing. To all who have the honor of knowing and loving you. You are amazing! And I noted the tip to teach Markie to cook. Though I’m not sure I’m the best choice but I will do my best. He will learn laundry and cleaning too. I am so glad to hear your laugh and you are correct. You are wonderful don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. My only disagreement is that I would put loved ones in a nursing home if it’s better care than I could give. Not my husband, not ever but my mother would be first in line. I wouldn’t have the patience to be kind and selfless, too much baggage there. Hope you never think less of me for that. Thank you for the update. Keep up the great work you are amazing and I am proud of you!

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  2. LOL I get it about your mother. With my mother if it had fell to me to be her caretaker I’m afraid it would have been a nursing home for sure since she didn’t qualify as a “loved one” and I’m sure there are people who fault me because I had no contact with her for 30 years. Saint is just a part of my name it’s NOT who I am…People need to walk in our shoes before they can have an opinion about how we walk through life.


  3. Finally found time to sit and listen to your post. Warren is absolutely right, you are a blessing. I love people like that who say things that make your whole day better.

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