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~ Roy had an interesting post today. That’s all I have to say about that, I commented on it.

~ Friday, in the New York Times, they have a section called “Love Letters” and in that section is “Tiny Love Stories”, reader submissions in 100 words or less. I sent one in today. If they publish it I will let you know (Hoo-boy will I let you know LOL)

While I was ‘filing’ that piece on my computer (Documents → Essays) I found some good stuff I had written. One piece is in my blog archives (‘The Ordinary is Extraordinary’) another is not and should I want to publish it I would have to amend it because I have changed my viewpoint a bit on the subject of photography. Nice to know I am capable of changing my views.

Also this one, which I really like. (Hey, if I don’t like my own stuff who will?)

~ I have in my head to write some poetry but it is not coalescing. I’m still brain dead from this past month and only just barely getting over being so physically tired that I am in more danger of falling over than my husband.

~ There are about 4 people who read this blog and I keep wondering if I should attempt to recruit more readers. If only in the hope they would comment and I could have some conversations – I like conversations. But then I think – why? I need more blogs to read myself – it’s a not too much of an investment of time and can be amusing and informative. Aside from my few regular reads I haven’t stumbled over anything interesting enough to follow or bookmark. I think that says more about me than the blogs available.

~ For lack of anything better I think I’ll go do some laundry..

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  1. I love the picture in your header. It is sad in a way, because when I see it, I think of a mother and daughter. And that of course reminds me that I never have and never will have that kind of love from my mother. Sorry, that was a comment completely unrelated to your post. I do hope you get published, and if not, please share with us what you wrote.

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    1. I never thought of that image that way, at least not consciously. You know I had a negative relationship with my mother and yet I never craved a ‘mother’ relationship, I did not seek out others who could ‘mother’ me. I spent 48 years trying to – please her? No not that exactly because I was always ‘me’, not wanting to be who she wanted, knowing she never wanted me in any form. It’s complicated isn’t it? Always feel free to comment as you are moved to.

      And certainly I will publish here is the Times decides not to – one of the rules is that the piece cannot have been published anywhere else. Plus I just realized that they ask for a high resolution photo and I forgot to change the resolution on the photo I submitted. Oh, well…


      1. Now you have me wondering if I sought out a replacement relationship over the years? I have been lucky enough to have a lot of strong and dependable women in my life, coworkers, friends, aunts, my beloved late grandmother and now as an adult I cherish my sisters-in-law and Gloria! They fulfill that role for me that I didn’t even realize until now. Thank you for that insight! Makes me appreciate them even more.


        1. I made that point for you…Yes, I do believe you have sought, and found, mother figures. Women who not only love you and guide you and support you but your children as well. You have not one, but many mothers. Because you sought them out and because they saw you needed them and they LOVE you!


  2. I hope your submission is published! I would love to read it! I read the two blog posts you linked and they both resonated so much with some situations I’m dealing with lately. Very wise advice as always, Grace!

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    1. Those two posts were very popular when I first published them. Something about them that people relate to…One way or the other you will get to read what I wrote – either the Times will publish or I will…Just a matter of time…


  3. O second all the motions on hoping you get your piece published. It’s funny it made me think of a bundle of love letters l carried around with me for years. I read them, they were from the early courting days of Suze’s aunt and her to be husband during 1943 when he was stationed in France.

    They weren’t terribly exciting or romantic but they were tiny stories of love.

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