The unmeaningful incident that still makes me smile

Time: Mid- 1980s or so

Place: New York City – specifically Long Island City in Queens, at the foot of the 59th Street Bridge. The White Castle drive- thru at 1 in the morning. Long Island City at that time was a crime ridden, former industrial area. That particular White Castle was a drug and prostitution hotspot.

Background: I worked for a very successful international real estate company. One of the perks of my job was access to “Black Car” service. Cars were usually Lincoln Continentals, with uniformed drivers. Limos were also available.

A co-worker and I were invited out to dinner by one of the company’s Vice Presidents – one of those fancy popular restaurants of the time that served tiny portions of fancy food artfully arranged on the plate. When we were done the VP ordered a limo to take all of us to our respective homes. My co-worker and I lived in Queens, the VP in Manhattan.

After we had dropped the VP home it was still early and co-worker and I decided to go out clubbing. We kept the limo. We decided to wrap it up for the night, and on the way home, as we exited the 59th Street Bridge we spied the White Castle – we were starving having had little to eat for dinner. Now here’s the fun part.

Keep in mind the other business that was conducted at this White Castle,  we had the limo driver go through the drive thru. The driver was a teeny tiny bit apprehensive. Ok, he was scared out of his mind. All the pimps and dealers gathered around the limo, which had tinted windows, wondering who the new player was. Driver rolled down his window, put in our order. We rolled down our windows to look around – 2 40-ish good looking women, all dressed up. The pimps and dealers became even MORE interested in our car. Food was passed out and that limo drivers screeched out of that parking lot like a bat out of hell.

My co-worker and I laughed our asses off. We thought the whole thing was a hoot, the driver not so much.

End of story. And I’m laughing even now as I type this.

17 thoughts on “The unmeaningful incident that still makes me smile

  1. I read yesterday’s post right before seeing this so I’m glad you told the story! I can picture the scene and can see why it still makes you laugh! Bet that driver told this story many times too!

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    1. Oh come on – we were in no danger at all…if it had been just my co-worker and I in a regular car – well then, maybe a different story and we wouldn’t have been that stupid ..but a limo? I’m sure the other businessmen thought it was as much of a hoot as we did…and besides we might have been customers…LOL


        1. Nowadays I think I would have an anxiety attack in NYC – LOL I can’t imagine ever going down into the subway ever again! (Plus – the stairs – can’t manage them any more and my claustrophobia would overpower me.)


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