Miscellaneous Mishegoss

Caveat: I’m not criticizing. I’m not in it for an argument. This is about ME. But, if you choose to comment, I’d love to know what seemingly popular things in any of the categories I touch upon, YOU don’t like.  Or anything in any category of popular culture that irks you.

~ This morning’s shower mental meanderings centered on home decor items I really, really don’t like, or that I don’t understand.  What I don’t like? Stainless steel appliances; Shaker style cabinets especially in white. The kitchen has to be the messiest room in the house why oh why would you have white as the predominant color? And Shaker style cabinets – once the smutz gets in those corners good luck getting it out – even with a toothbrush. My days of cleaning anything with a toothbrush, aside from teeth, are over.  I had a bathroom vanity with Shaker style doors – there was always smutz in the corners.  I got rid of the vanity I hated it so much.

~ I should not even talk about throw pillows, that has been such a long standing joke between me and the rest of the world it’s not worth mentioning any more.

~ I am always amused, and bemused, by folks who decorate for holidays or seasons. Most of the time it is really pretty. I am in awe of the effort folks put into it, just collecting and coordinating the appropriate decor. Obviously it makes them happy but I don’t understand it.  Could be I just think of it as clutter, or that I am simply not creative (which I’m not).

~ I don’t understand open floor plans. I do not want my kitchen in my living room. Even when I lived in a studio apartment the kitchen was walled off. In my apartment I have an L-shaped living room/dining area. This is okay, I don’t mind. It has its pluses – that seemingly all important socializing aspect. I get that. But – I still do not want to sit on the sofa and be staring at pots and pans.

~ Speaking of pots and pans – I’ve always had small kitchens yet I have never been inclined to hang pots and pans from the ceiling. I don’t consider them decor!  Oh hell I don’t consider anything decor – such a prissy word.

~ Also about pots and pans – I hate to cook; I’m 76 years old and I am so wanting new pots and pans.  The ones I’m wanting are super expensive but they have me itchy and twitchy with gimme, gimme.

~ I’ve got the attention span of a 2-year old. The official name of this blog, for the moment, is “Subject to Change Without Notice” . I change the header frequently because, well, just because. There is always something that catches my fancy and either makes me bounce in my chair or tugs at my heartstrings (Awww…) I’ve changed blog names/urls so many times in the past 20 years it’s a wonder anyone even knows how to find me. Why they want to find me is also a good question.

The last big url change was because I had a stalker, someone I know and who I try to avoid at all costs. In retrospect I am kicking myself for allowing anyone to make me jump through hoops to avoid them. But I actually fear this person. Even so – I’m too damn old to let fear impact my actions about something as inconsequential as a blog. That nobody reads. Really disappointed in myself about that.

~ I edit and edit and edit. And correct. Yesterday David made a comment about something in the post that I was  correcting even as he was commenting. If anyone reads the comments they might be scratching their heads as to what that is about.  I don’t often go back and read old posts because I know I will go into edit mode. At the very least to correct typos because I am the world’s worst typist.

~ No, I don’t like “Ted Lasso”.  My husband and I watched about 10 minutes of the show, looked at each and said “What the hell???” and turned it off.  I was actually criticized for not liking the show and the person said “Really, you can tell after only 10 minutes you don’t like something?” Well, yes I can. And I do. Movies I’ll give 20 minutes, tv shows 10 or 15 minutes, max, and that depends on whether it’s an hour or a half hour show.

Take the The ‘Knives Out’ franchise for example.  I didn’t like the first one and I didn’t like the second one. Why the hell I even wasted 20 minutes on the second one is beyond me. But hope springs eternal.  Both movies were highly touted by the professional critics. I have learned that anything professional critics like, I won’t.

Oh hell, I started this late and I have chores awaiting me – gotta run.

Yes – please let me know what popular ‘thing’ irks you. Let’s have a little positive negativity here. Go for it!

10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

  1. Love the oxymoron of “positive negativity”. A kitchen irk of mine is that ours has carpet! Ewwwww! I want so badly to tear it up. And I will someday. It money doesn’t get funneled to the house projects unless it’s an emergency. So my wishlist
    T of improvements to our 1972 modular sits idle. Don’t get me wrong I am ever and forever grateful to have been given the house by my MIL. I just wish I could leave my own touches on the place. And I’m with you on the loathing of cooking. Since I get no credit or gratitude for it, and it’s now a running joke in our house that I suck at it. I get absolutely no joy from
    It. It’s a terrible chore right up there with laundry. It. Never. Effin’ ends. Day in and day out. And the monotony of planning, shopping, not wasting and making sure it’s liked by everyone is such a chore in itself. Okay thank you for the opportunity to vent. I feel better.

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    1. Oh my word – I hear ya. I sometimes think that is the worst part of cooking – coming up with something to eat. Then there is the shopping for it (I HATE grocery shopping) and then cooking, serving and cleaning up. The whole eating/food/cooking process is onerous and hateful! Whew…I have a problem even with ordering in – I’ve kinda developed an aversion to food and eating.

      OTOH – I like doing laundry but then I don’t have 5 people to do laundry for. Laundry is only a PITA now because I don’t have my own washer/dryer and have to use the community laundry room. Sill I find folding very soothing.


  2. What irks me? Do you really want to get me started? Well, the use of the word hack. I can’t stand it. What is wrong with calling it what it is, a good idea.
    Then I keep reading about influencers. These people who are supposedly setting the trends for everyone else. Nope, I won’t follow along with them. Personally I think they all have horrible taste.

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    1. Yes, I really do want you to get started LOL Hacks are just common sense ways of doing things most of which we older folks have been doing for years – many of them make me laugh. Young people have no Life skills at all do they?

      Influencers AKA border collies – herding all the sheep into thee enclosure?


  3. I agree with several things you mentioned like white cabinets and open kitchens. For me the issue with open kitchens is the noise. Ours isn’t open in that you can see it from the living room but there’s only one wall and a fireplace separating the two so sound easily travels. I can’t stand to hear the running water, the dishwasher, bags crinkling, pans banging, stirring, whatever! I also don’t like hearing repetitive sounds anywhere either like tapping or even songs that have few words or chords that they say over and over. Drives me batty! I think I have more negative than positive today!

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    1. Repetitive sounds also drive me bonkers – they do drive me to yelling at the source of the sound. There is one song my husband seemed to have on every playlist – something about rain – and I’d scream – “Yeah, yeah it’s gonna rain, get an umbrella” and I’d smack the Next button.


  4. 1. Reality shows irk me as they are usually 1,000 miles from actual reality.
    2. I know this one will get me hate mail… but bloggers who think they’re the second coming of Joyce or Faulkner irk me. There’s a reason you’re not a published author, accept it and move on.
    3. What passes for news these days. I don’t need a political pundit’s hour long opinion. Just give me the facts, I can make up my own mind.
    4. Paying more and getting less. When my recipe calls for a 16 oz can of something but now the can only contains 12 ounces so I have to buy two and waste most of the second. Grrr.

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    1. #2 – Made me laugh out loud. I won’t comment further but I don’t disagree! I get my news from newspapers, one is actually delivered to my apartment door everyday. At this very moment in time I am being forced to overhear “Meet the Press” which my husband is watching – it’s annoying plus the moderator, Chuck something or other is not the world’s greatest speaker. Paying more getting less? I’m only aware of when buying bacon – use to be a pack of bacon was 1 pound now you have to look closely to make sure you aren’t paying one pound prices for 12 ounces!

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      1. I’m noticing the smaller amounts a lot more now. Some items have changed the packaging to camouflage it… and when I need a pound of bacon? I need a pound of bacon damn it.

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