Let’s Revisit That

“Positive negativity” – an oxymoron?  The reverse of toxic positivity?  I’ve never been sure why NOT liking something is viewed as a bad thing. Negativity is defined as “the characteristic of being pessimistic or contrarian”. Disagreeing with someone or something is also negativity. Why is this a bad thing? If no one ever disagreed or disliked we would still be living in caves eating raw meat with our hands!

Here is my declaration – Positive Negativity is a good thing. Feel free to have an opinion and not have to defend it, particularly if it’s a matter of personal taste.  Be Your Own Self for pete’s sake.  Adopt my motto “No thank you, none for me but you enjoy it”

I am not often clever, rarely am I clever, but I think I got off a good one in my answer to Ann‘s comment regarding her being irked by ‘influencers’. I likened influencers to Border Collies herding the sheep.  Pretty good, right? Or not, hey – I like it.

Rory asked an amusing question this morning – “Name 5 uses for a stapler other than stapling” I could only think of two – as a weapon or a paperweight. I think those are only valid if you have a stapler like I have – This stapler is approximately 53 years old, solid metal and it weighs a ton. Somehow I doubt a modern day stapler would be good for either of those uses. The only other stapler I have is a mini, made of plastic, and barely useful for even that.

This stapler was mine when I worked for Elgin National Industries back in the 1960’s/70’s. When the company closed we were ‘allowed’ to take odds and ends home. I took this stapler and an antique desk chair that came from the original Elgin Watch Company offices. Sadly, I no longer have the chair – it was a beauty. (The stickers on the stapler were my initials – GMT – the G and M have disappeared by the T is still there.)

BTW – the mug in the background holds my pens and pencils and says “Lives – Get One” I think it was a gift.

Talking about Ann – on her blog this morning she mentioned that she ‘stuffed manicotti’. I commented that you don’t stuff manicotti because they are crepes, and she probably made cannelloni, which is a tube of pasta you do stuff.  Ann is the only person I can say that to and not get a lot of grief. Which is why I love Ann.

In case you don’t know the difference I wrote about it HERE.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Revisit That

  1. Only 8 paragraphs but so much packed in here! Manicotti (or not), a stapler almost as old as I am, and a new, totally accurate, definition of influencers. Fun read today! Love it!

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  2. I haven’t read my other email yet, which is where replies to my comments go. That was a good reply regarding influencers.
    Speaking of manicotti, I love your comment and it gave me a subject for another blog post. That one goes up Friday.
    And why I love you Grace, is because you aren’t afraid to correct me 🙂

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    1. Ooh not correcting you per se – just kinda, you know, letting you in on what seems to be a closely held secret! Can’t wait for Friday – after cleaning out my email the next thing I do every morning is read your blog – a day without Ann is a day without sunshine!


  3. Hey Grace, l have a stapler from the eighties which is more like a team of Oxen pulling a cart given the weight of the thing than like anything you get today. Today’s stapler could be used as a weapon at a push and it might hurt if thrown hard, but the other stapler is like a piece of furniture and could probably kill someone if thrown, but it once served as a door stopper and a paper weight as well for a pile of books that had front covers that kept curling up.

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