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I like chocolate but only dark chocolate and I am very, very partial to See’s Candy.  I’ve never been much impressed by supposedly high end chocolates like Godiva or Ghirardelli. The ultimate in chocolates, in my opinion is Teuscher but that’s another conversation.

At any rate our daughter sent chocolates, as a little spirit raiser when my husband was in the hospital, which included a bag of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry squares. And now I am addicted. These things are not cheap but I scored some on sale last week. I do not need an expensive addiction. Nor do I need the calories (70 per square). But boy oh boy do I need that hit of chocolate and raspberry.

Speaking of raspberries – I love raspberries but only when they are cooked down to a syrupy sauce like in fillings for chocolate or as jam. Or as a coulis to be used on chocolate cake instead of frosting. Fresh raspberries don’t thrill me. Same with blueberries – put them in muffins, waffles, pie – love them. Fresh in a bowl – not so much.

Notice a theme here? chocolate and fruit has got to be the ultimate  combination of any two foods.

I checked my WP stats yesterday and weird thing. Someone downloaded an 11 second video I posted last November. I made it with an Instagram filter of “Let It Go” with my face in place of the cartoon character’s.  Why the hell would anyone do that? And who did it? I find this very disturbing.

I still can’t get that Hexclad pan out of my mind. $199.00 for a pan – No. But then again why not? I have a stainless steel 12-inch pan and a  12-inch non-stick one. The non-stick is pretty beat up and I’m back to using the stainless steel pan, which I’m not thrilled with considering what I use it for. Now the Hexclad is non-stick, and the 12-inch pan is the one I use more than any other because I do mostly one pan cooking. I am so jonesing for that pan.  Stop me before I shop! I am too old to be buying expensive cookware.

Speaking of cooking – it is 11:30am so I need to start making lunch – which is our main meal of the day and the only time I cook – there is no cooking at night; no dish washing. Kitchen closes at 6pm.  Lately I’ve been having dark chocolate raspberry squares for dinner and my husband has yogurt and a peanut butter sandwich.  At least he is eating something reasonably healthy, me – I’m just being decadent.

11 thoughts on “Fluff ‘N Stuff

    1. I never developed a taste for peppermint…I don’t dislike it but I don’t go looking for it. And that just reminded me of spearmint…particularly those leaf shaped jelly type candies sprinkled with sugar, you know which I mean? And now I want some…

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  1. My favorite combination has always been chocolate and peanut butter but I would have no problem with the chocolate and raspberry. I’ve been trying to keep Chocolate out of the house because I have no self control any more.

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    1. So I shouldn’t send you the traditional birthday gift??? Ha, ha Of course I will…(So sorry to hear about your son – seems crazy at his age. May his recovery go quickly and well.)


  2. Love your new header with Miss Frankie! Chocolate and fruit is always a good combination although chocolate and peanut butter ranks at the top too! I’m curious as to who downloaded the video. I enjoyed it very much but it never occurred to me to download it so it’s odd that someone did.

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    1. I’ve never been much of a peanut butter fan so peanut butter and chocolate doesn’t ring my chimes. And yes, it’s weird about that download…


  3. Suze has a lot of berries with her porridge in the morning – me l am not so keen. I no longer have chocolate and if l do which l shouldn’t , it’s rare. For me it’s porridge and banana sure l know no one asked me. But l can’t digest fruit and chocolate even if l wanted to.

    But l do like peanut butter, we have an organic one. It’s very nice – Whole Earth Smooth Peanut Butter – oh to die for!

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    1. Yeah, I’m not a big berry fan – chocolate covered strawberries are nice tho. I’ve never been a big peanut butter fan, I don’t dislike it, I just don’t go looking for it.

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