I Might Not Be Much of a Nature Lover

But I can read sky and I can read light –

This morning around 8:30am – Looked out the window and said – “That’s a snow sky, that’s snow light”

And sure enough, 3 hours later the view out of my window –

It’s not going to amount to much, but here it is…

4 thoughts on “I Might Not Be Much of a Nature Lover

    1. And the smell of the air – if I had been outside I could have told by that – the smell of the air, the quality of the light, the look of the sky – I take these all in – I can read them…

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    1. I’m always going to prefer 4 seasons but a little less Winter and Summer would be ideal. We haven’t had much Winter this Winter – I swear it’s been raining here for nigh on 2 years now – it was just a snow shower in keeping with the weather in general around here…But – aren’t overcast days just as lovely as sunshiny days? You know what they say about too much sunshine –


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