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I’m a bit tired of fighting with frying pans. You know that brand of cookware I mentioned, Hexclad, well, dear reader I bought them.  On the website and on Amazon 3 saute pans with lids are $399. But  while reading (even more) reviews I discovered that Costco also sells them. Popping over to Costco’s website I discovered they had – On Sale – a 7 piece set for $349. Now who could resist that, not me obviously.

I don’t buy shoes, purses, clothes, jewelry, we don’t eat out, we don’t drink – hell, a little indulgence to make an onerous task easier I can justify that.

While hardly a pollyanna, and far from being one of those positivity people, I often can see the upside to the downside.  My husband’s recent lengthy hospital stay, with me at the hospital 10 to 14 hours a day, certainly upset our self-defined schedules. Or rather my husband’s schedules that I had to follow because even tho I was always the one doing the work he had set the schedule.

Such as – laundry on Monday and Friday morning. Several times I did the laundry in the afternoon and he got all twitchy about it. He had no hand in doing the laundry why would be care when it gets done? Yet – he did care. It bothered him when I changed the schedule. Same goes for vacuuming, grocery shopping, changing bed linens, washing dishes – the list goes on. He never did any of these things – why did he care so much when they got done? I asked him, he said he doesn’t know, it just does.

Those schedules are all trashed now. Being at the hospital for so many hours, things got done when I had ‘early’ days; some things didn’t get done for weeks; dishes stayed in the sink overnight – I just didn’t have the energy or the time for arbitrary schedules.

Since he’s been home – I still don’t have the energy and the schedules have been tossed.

Meds and exercises on schedule? Of course. Laundry? No.  Everything gets done but – when it needs to be done; when I feel like it. And my own crazy obsessive habits? Some of them have bitten the dust too. I would never leave dishes in the sink or the drainboard overnight – not even a spoon. Now? Who cares. Not me…

What a wonderful upside to a dreadful downside!


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    1. Actually that price is not pricey at all – 8, 10 and 12 inch saute pans, 12 inch wok and 3 lids for $349? I double checked that I was getting genuine Hexclad because that combo is not available anywhere else…On the Hexclad site and Amazon for $399 you get the 3 saute pans and lids only. This cookware will work on gas,electric, ceramic and induction stoves.

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  1. When you find a good price on something you like, it’s impossible to resist.
    I used to be a prisoner to my own schedule. Any change would set me off. Thankfully I’ve relaxed my ways and have adopted more of a who cares attitude.

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    1. I’ve always hated my husband’s schedules. For instance – for years we did the major housework on Sundays – it made sense because we both worked Monday to Friday, Saturday we did shopping and fun stuff that left only Sunday for housework. Then he started working remotely and I wasn’t working at all – plenty of time to do whatever needed to be done whenever I wanted to – but Nooo – we till had to adhere to his schedules because that’s what he was used to – changing the schedules made him uncomfortable. Now that he does nothing I have let the schedules go – and I’m much happier – doing whatever whenever.


  2. Incredible deal on the cookware set! Glad you checked out Costco!
    With everything you’ve been through the last few months, arbitrary schedules and dishes in the sink rank really low on the priority list. Health and wellbeing matters, delayed vacuuming or laundry does not!

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    1. I absolutely HATE vacuuming and I have been using the carpet sweeper to pick up the big chunks LOL George always did the vacuuming because he LIKES to do it – can you imagine. Laundry now gets done when it needs doing and I do it in the afternoons – I am so much happier. For all that I can be an obsessive compulsive nut-job letting it all go is making me much happier – also my desk is a mess and I don’t care!


  3. Before l moved here, l bought me a new set of frying pans, including a wok. Ironically, the latter hardly gets used now; we don’t have any stir fry, but they were great – eco-frying pans – environmentally friendly. When l bought mine in 2020, l also purchased a set for Suze and one for my mother as a gift. Less than three years ago, they were costly, and now not so much, it matters not. Unlike previous pans that lost their stick, these are still going strong.

    Suze used to have those distinctive schedules – since cancer – not so much. We all do to a certain degree, but something comes along, knocks the kilter and says life is too short for some things – l like schedules, but am now usually so tired many plans have to be vastly reduced.

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    1. I got a wok with all the accompanying utensils as a gift and rarely used it, I’m just not a wok cooker. After reading more reviews I cancelled that order. I do need new non-stick saute pans but I think I will wait until the Memorial Day sales LOL And I’ll buy the brand I’ve always bought. The ones I have are at least 10 years old and the one I use the most is scratched. Go with what you know.

      My husband is a linear thinker and loves his schedules. He needs his schedules. I have schedules…but even those are flexible, my multi-tasking takes precedence over schedules also my pin-ball brains will supercede schedules.

      I am a planner, tho I am often planning for the distant future rather than tomorrow.

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      1. I am a planner, and a list maker and an organiser – it’s not that l can’t funtion without them, l can, but l still like to have a structure in place.

        I am just not as spontaneous as l was when younger now that l am older.

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