I Guess That’s Kinda True

My husband watches tv in the morning, sometimes GMA sometimes The Today Show. I have to listen to this crap. This morning on The Today Show I overheard a book review, a portion of it went like this: ““There’s a curse set upon the grandmother of this family and therefore any of the women who come after her are not able to fall in love. In fact, the men that fall in love with them will die,” she continues.” (Source)

“What the hell?” I said “that sounds exactly like premise of “The Practical Magic” series. How could they publish that? That’s annoying”

“It doesn’t bother me” said my husband ” doesn’t annoy me at all”

“Well it annoys me” said I.

“Everything annoys you – eventually” was my husband’s comment.

And you know, he’s right. Eventually everything will annoy me including things that I, at first, liked, enjoyed, approved of.

I often say that I have the attention span of a two-year old. Perhaps that’s the basis of my fluctuating annoyance levels…

15 thoughts on “I Guess That’s Kinda True

  1. Ugh that did sound exactly like Practical Magic. So often anymore books, movies, songs are all blatant rip offs of precious creations. It’s very frustrating and yet you get folks won’t know it’s a dupe! Only those of us who have been around the block I guess, thus leading to the perpetual annoyance we must live with. You are not alone in that!

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    1. I’m cracking up at the auto-correct – As for the book – what the hell was the publishing house thinking? No one there aware of Alice Hoffman? I wonder if any of the major book review sites will pick this up…


  2. “There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before. –Willa Cather, in “O, Pioneers.”
    Please don’t ever get annoyed with me, at least not on a permanent basis. Brief moments of annoyance, be my guest. (I feel sorry for you vis a vis the morning talk show business.)

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    1. George said the same thing – as we all say after being bored to death watching popular entertainment but this is egregious. And how could I ever get annoyed with you? Never happen! As for the morning tv blather – at 10am there is Let’s Make a Deal followed by the Price is Right – I make him wear headphones for those – all that screaming puts my back up…somethings are not to be tolerated.


  3. If that was the case and all women after her don’t fall in love and the men die, that’d be a short story! Lol!
    Last night we saw a news story on how there are new rules for baseball to make the games shorter. I told J it’s probably because the whole world has a short attention span these days! Or they get annoyed that their phones go dead from scrolling instead of watching a 3 hour long game!

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    1. Similar storylines probably happens every other book LOL Exactly like? Frequently I would think having read so many books that have me thinking “Have I read this book before?” There are only so many basic plots/premises – update them, backdate them, call them a homage or a retelling or whatever crap anyone uses to justify. It’s all princesses and dragonslayers.


  4. Everything annoys me at times within thirty minutes of hearing it. If not everything, then most assuredly, most things. I told Suze the other day that l am slowly turning into one of those angry Muppet guys – Statler and Waldorf. I have cartloads of patience until l have no patience.

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    1. There are things I have endless patience for but that has nothing to do with annoyance LOL I will get totally involved in a project and get annoyed when I get stuck.

      I have no idea who Statler and Waldorf are never having watched Sesame Street or the Muppets – aside from clips other people post. I did like Miss Piggy, and the Swedish Chef – and one of my stock phrases is “it’s not easy being me” a version of “It’s not easy being green”

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