I’m sure things will get worse

because that’s what I’m dealing with and it’s something I have no control over. Difficult to be chatty and friendly and thoughtful when life is spinning out of control. Details not forthcoming because it has too much backstory…

How does one distract oneself when 24 hours a day are spent in caretaking and anxiety and worry (wait, is anxiety and worry pretty much the same thing?)

I was in the laundry room waiting for the washer to finish, leaning against the folding table opposite the machines when I noticed something odd in the center of the washer’s glass door. A closer inspection determined it was the reflection of my legs. “Cool!” I thought – I like photos of reflections. So I went back to the apartment and grabbed my phone. Snapped a photo or two and then realized a video of the washer, with the reflection might be fun and then wait – let’s do it in slo-mo mode.

Here it is – and note the reflection in the center of the door…

For some reason watching a video of a washing machine slowly spinning is very soothing yet watching the machine in real time in the laundry room is not soothing at all…


9 thoughts on “I’m sure things will get worse

  1. Sending warmth and support, Grace. You’re one of my favorites and it gives me a pang of distress when things are not going well. On a lighter note, I do agree that the slow mo dryer is awesome.

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  2. I felt anxiety and worry thinking of you experiencing anxiety and worry and then I watched the video and it was so mesmerizing my anxiety calmed down. I’m sorry life is spinning out of control for you but I’m glad you’re finding a bit of escape in moments like that. Much love to you, Grace.❤

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    1. I think a little of that can go a long way but honestly I was surprised that it had that soothing effect. (Huggiez my friend 🤗)


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