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Somewhere, sometime I wrote about my tendency to think in quatrains.  Most of my reactions are 4-line poems. Rarely do they progress into a complete poem and often, in my opinion those 4 lines ARE a complete poem.

I was cleaning out my ‘sent’ email folder and found an instant reaction quatrain that had popped out of my brain when reading a friend’s blog post. Here it is (the quatrain, not my friend’s blog post):

Holes to be mended,
Holes to be filled,
Holes made Whole,
By dint or by will.

(© Grace St. Clair
June 12, 2022)

That’s pretty complete right there. I like it.

I was texting with my daughter about her father’s condition (a result of his stupidity) when an incident occured in her home involving her husband and her 3-year old. The 3 year old was brought to tears. Daddy finally fixed the problem he caused, my daughter’s remark was “Just another example of men not listening and doing stupid shit 🤷🏼‍♀️”  Now that needs to be printed on a sticker and distributed far and wide. Perhaps the title of a reality tv show, the show would never go off the air for lack of material.

I came across an Instagram account called @disappointingaffirmations. The author’s name is Dave Tarnowski, his IG bio reads “All words and photos by me. Bipolar/ADHD/mental health advocate. Realistic mental attitude.” It appeals to my often less than sunny outlook but it also can be very dark, darker than I want to go.  This one tho appealed to me a lot and I shared it –

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