How to be annoyed etm.

Let me explain etm. in the title – from the Urban Dictionary  “Latin abbreviation for the literal translation of “and shit”, specifically, “et merda”. Just like “etc.” (and so forth), “i.e.” (that is), and “e.g.” (for example), “etm.” can be used to abbreviate “and shit”.

Moving on –

My husband has become addicted to network television and newspaper news. Newspapers are not annoying because I control my interaction with them but TV? I am a captive victim unless I make my husband put headphones on. Most of the people on the tv news shows have the most annoying voices – particularly the women. OMG – Make them shut up! It’s not just the content it’s the SOUND of their voices. Who the hell auditions and hires these people?  (Let us not even discuss the women on the morning news/entertainment shows like GMA and The Today Show etc.)

In this part of the world (the Washington DC Metro area), it seems the word ‘vehicle’ is pronounced ‘vee-HICK-el‘.  It always puts my teeth on edge.  It sounds so red-neck, and makes the speaker sound like their mispronunciation – a hick. The correct pronunciation can be heard HERE.

Last night I overheard a news person say “wah-la” For those of you with a bit more sophistication and education that was supposed to be voilà, a French word which basically means ‘Ta-Da!’ Correctly pronounced it is – vwa-la. The word starts with a V, and that V is pronounced. Why is this so hard?

And last but not least – Who set the food world at zero? Zero carbs, sugar, salt, gluten – basically zero flavor? My husband developed a taste for vanilla greek  yogurt when he was in the nursing home/rehab facility. They served Dannon, I can’t get Dannon so we went with Oikos Pro 20 grams of protein. When the stores are out of this Oikos there are NO substitutes. All the other yogurts on the shelf are zeros!

I buy no salt/low sodium foods because I have high blood pressure and also I don’t like salt in general.  I prefer to add salt when and in the quantity I want. Same for sugar – I tend to not be a sweets person nor do I care for artificial sweeteners. Given the choice I will take real sugar over fake.

It’s great that people have choices but the operative word is choice.  We have no choice at all.  And I am pissed.


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  1. I agree on annoying news voices, and yes the women are worse foe some reason. I say this is part of the reason for the mute button and closed captioning.


    1. Not that you’d ever catch me watching news, I prefer to read it or listen to NPR in the late afternoons for my fix. NPR radio people tend to have better voices.


  2. As for the news, I watch CNN. I do get frustrated with them as They will yammer on about one thing for an hour. But I watched enough different stations reporting about Trump being indicted, but none of them ever said anything that the Constitution doesn’t care If you’re a crook or not, you can still be president . As for the yogurt, I generally get non-fat Greek yogurt vanilla flavored. Doesn’t really matter about the brand. I just generally get the cheapest that the store has.

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    1. Greek yogurt is thicker and tangier. My husband doesn’t care what brand – just that it is Greek style and not adjusted in any way. He needs the protein and calories. My problem is that there is very little to choose from if you want it full flavor, so to be speak.

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    1. Aside from the news readers being terminally ugly, their voices are dreadful and they can barely speak English – and those are the English speaking news readers. Stick to Reading the news, watching and listening will drive you bonkers!


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