I go through intense reading periods and not so intense. My local library, from whom I borrow ebooks, spends their budget on a lot of what I consider crap. I am also cheap frugal when it comes to buying books that I know I will only read once, if that. My book choice track record lately has been mostly in the DNF category.

I have found a few sites that offer FREE ebooks – mostly in the fluff category, a few have been to my liking and for the price (free) – why not? So here’s the list of free/low cost ebook sites –

Freebooksy: You subscribe, pick your genre and get an email everyday with a selection of free books as well as a ‘deal of the day’ – a more mainstream author at a bargain price.

BookBub: This site offers ‘bargains’ in it’s daily email but on the site itself there is a ‘free’ category and you can always browse there.

BookPerk: Is operated by the publisher Harper Collins – it is also a ‘deals’ offering.

Prolific Works: Mostly fluff here but FREE. You download the books from the site in epub format and they can be saved to Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks or Google Play books.

Books from all of these sites can be ‘purchased’ from a variety of sites and downloaded to a variety of apps. Not all books are available from all sources but Amazon, KIndle, Apple Books. Kobo, Google Play and Indiebooks are covered.

Also these sites ask you to choose a genre so if sci-fi isn’t your thing and mysteries are – you’ll be offered what you like.

For those of you who are dedicated Amazon shoppers did you know that if you choose “Amazon Delivery Day” you will receive a digital credit, which you can apply to buying books, music, etc.? My Amazon Delivery Day is Monday, so if I don’t need an item in a hurry that’s what I choose – been buying up a storm lately with those credits – books my husband likes and which he usually buys from Barnes&Noble. I’m saving a bit a money and I like that.

And those are my helpful hints for today – Enjoy!


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  1. For as long as I have had my kindle I have never once paid for an e-book. I’m incredibly cheap so free books are what I read. Some are pretty good and others not so much but you get that with books you pay for too.
    I didn’t realize that with the delivery day on Amazon. I’ll have to pay attention next time I order something.

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    1. I’m making the mad assumption that Amazon Delivery Day is different in different parts of the country. Not all purchases are eligible for ‘Delivery Day” digital credits but they tell you if they are when you are choosing a delivery day – Amazon also sends an email when you receive digital credits, in case you missed it when you put in an order…

      As for paying for ebooks – I don’t but my husband does because our library sucks and he wants to read the books HE WANTS to read. I’ve been using the digital credits to get him the books he wants – unfortunately there are books I really want to read and my library doesn’t have them and they are super expensive to buy in paper or ebook form…


    1. They’re stored in your account? I haven’t got a clue – Everytime you qualify for a “promotional” digital credit Amazon sends an email and a link to your promotional credit part of your account. They get automatically applied (I think) – I have paid zero attention to this aspect of Amazon – if “buy” an ebook or a song the credit is automatically applied and I can see that before I ‘buy’ – so if I’ve run out of credit the full price would show and I could cancel the purchase if I don’t want to pay. I’ve just spent some time bouncing around the Amazon site and I cannot find where the credits are stored or how to check on how many you have…

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