Books I’m Glad I didn’t buy –

I haven’t done all that much reading so far this year because I have been to exhausted caring for my husband. The books I borrowed from the library were mostly DNF – and they were:

Steeped to Death – Gretchen Rue – I don’t really remember much about this at all. I think maybe I finished it? Pure fluff.

An Elderly Lady is Up to No Good – Helene Tursten – No memory of this at all,  I didn’t finish it and it got automatically returned but somewhere in my memory is the notion that I need to take it out again and finish it.

Lucy By the Sea – Elizabeth Strout – I think I wrote about this somewhere – dreadful book. So disappointed in Strout.  So much so that I have removed all but 3 of her books from my shelves. She has been someone who I always bought – in hardcover no less. Well, no more.

The Cloisters – Katy Hayes – I took this book out based on the location. The Cloisters is one of my favorite museums. The book was tedious. I read reviews after the fact and I should have read them before. All were in agreement – tedious book.

A World of Curiosities – Louise Penny – This is an Inspector Gamache book – 18th in the series. I got tired of these books about 8 or so ago. She publishes one a year and I always pre-ordered them.  I stopped buying them 5 years ago and dumped the ones I had. I get them from the library now and this last one took 3 tries to get through and I skimmed a lot. Ho-Hum.

I just looked at the library book list and it’s too long to continue to write about. One book I took out I had already read, and forgotten I had, I skimmed that. Two books I think I got two chapters in and said “Why, God?”.  Two went on and on and while vaguely interesting I just couldn’t care enough to finish them.

One – just one – I finished and enjoyed – “The Dog of the North” by Elizabeth McKenzie. It’s a sweet book – filled with likable people, even crazy old Grandma.

Over lunch I was dragging my brain through The Latecomer by Jean Hanff Korelitz. Oh no, please no. I sent it back to the library, let some other poor sucker have this.

There were more books – all either from Kindle Unlimited or from one of the free book sites – how many? Don’t know, I don’t keep track. Did I finish them all? Again – don’t know. I can tell you they were of no literary value – just fluff and nonsense. Not great stories and not great writing.

BTW – My contention that no book needs to be more than 350 pages was backed up by a recent article in The Washington Post Book World – where a number of well known authors were asked what they disliked in current novels and they all agreed it was books that were overly long – the 350 page limit was mentioned by a few. Sorry – but 400+ pages of fluff and nonsense? No thanks.

Whereas one of the most brilliant books I’ve read in the past 2 years is Matrix by Lauren Groff and it is only 256 pages.

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    1. Oh my dear, the people are just so wonderful! Around book 12 or so the plots started to get into politics and conspiracy theories and it was only the characters and perhaps some Three Pines backstory or characters backstory that kept it interesting for me. And Ruth Zardo, her duck and the poetry – the most famous bits from Marylyn Plessner’s work. I’d love to live in Three Pines…Plus – Louise Penny is a good writer.

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        1. I’ll read book 19 when it comes out – I love the people. I would even be tempted to re-read the first ones in the series.

          Some series get old quickly, some not so quickly and some never – There are 57 books in the J.D. Robb “in Death series” I’ve read all of them, 55 of them I’ve read twice.

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    1. I’m good with book reviews, if well written they are useful to me. Now when it comes to entertainment reviews, whole ‘nother story. If a movie or tv show gets rave reviews you can bet I’m NOT going to like it.


  1. You have read many more than I thus far this year. I’ve managed to finish my fourth just yesterday. A Man Called Ove. I wanted to read it before seeing the movie, but I may just skip
    The movie. The book was good I’d hate to be disappointed by the Hollywood version.

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    1. My husband got that book as a gift I never had the urge to read it. I believe the movie got good reviews??? Did you watch the movie they made of The Storied Life of AJ Fikry? I WILL NOT watch that movie and ruin one of my favorite books of all time!


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