Quick Follow-Up

The other day I mentioned that if you are a frequent Amazon shopper you can earn credits for digital items – ebooks, music, etc.  if you choose Amazon Day Delivery.

Here’s what that looks like when you are checking out –

Because I don’t need these items quickly I chose “Amazon Day Delivery” which is always Monday where I live. As you can see I will receive $1.50 in credit for digital items – which for me means an ebook.

Since I’m shopping anyway might as well get a little something extra.

7 thoughts on “Quick Follow-Up

    1. It can mount up quickly especially when a lot of the books that can be found on those websites I posted have 99¢ and $1.99 sales for bestsellers…It can also be used to buy music or movies and tv shows…


    1. It’s not on all items but when you DO buy something that qualifies for ‘rewards’ you’ll see it when you check out and pick a delivery day. Also – the credits are only good for 3 months…


    1. Could be – Sometimes I think that Prime is way expensive but then I figure it is worth it for me because without Amazon I’d be up shits creek without a paddle!

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      1. I can’t argue with the convenience of APrime, l think it was one of those things that Suze and l opted to simply cut back on. At one point we both had it and it seemed pointless. Also we haven’t been buying an awful amount from AP recently like previous months.

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