I live in Arlington, Virginia. Some would say it is suburban, I call it urban-suburban. “For over 30 years, the government has pursued a development strategy of concentrating much of its new development near transit facilities, such as Metrorail stations and the high-volume bus lines of Columbia Pike. Within the transit areas, the government has a policy of encouraging mixed-use and pedestrian- and transit-oriented development.” (Wikipedia)

This is an aerial view of the county:

So – a mix of city and suburb.

What I find amazing is the variety of wildlife who share this space. The one thing I like about Next Door  is when folks post photos and videos of visitors to their backyards.  Like these –

It has been a busy fox breeding season – so many foxes and aren’t they gorgeous! I wish I could download the videos people have posted of foxes playing in their yards with their dog’s toys.  People have reported fox dens under their houses.

We also have lots and lots of deer, coyotes, every imaginable bird, including wild turkeys, hawks, owls and other predators.  Beaver in a nearby river, rarely we get a bear or two, not often. Of course squirrels including black squirrels, the initial population having escaped from the National Zoo. I don’t get to see any of these lovely creatures, living in an apartment building and all but oh I would so love to! I have a thing for foxes…

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    1. Bears seem to hang out in Maryland more than here – often there are cute videos of them hanging in people’s backyards lounging in hammocks and playing on trampolines…This area seems to be fox central lately.


  1. That fox family is adorable! We rarely see foxes around here although we did have a mama with two babies in our backyard once. Mostly we see deer, raccoons, opossums and turkeys in our neighborhood but there are coyotes and sometimes mountain lions that come down from the forest. I’ve not seen a black squirrel before. Our squirrels are grey with very long, bushy tails and they love to torment Lexi!

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    1. Black squirrels don’t seem to have moved West. We have raccoons, quite a healthy population and possums. All the wildlife seem quite comfortable managing traffic and people and noise. Plus they do seem to like all the kid and pet toys they find in people’s yards if the videos people post are any indication.


  2. I remember being amazed by black squirrels when we would see them in Canada. Red ones too! We have only run of the mill gray ones here.

    I would love a n opportunity to photograph foxes!! They are so beautiful.

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    1. And yet – black squirrels are mutant grey squirrels! It seems in the last year or two the fox population has grown to be commonplace here…this Spring has been particularly busy in the fox community.


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