Brain dead brain dump

I started writing this, or at least started to think about writing this at 10am, it is now 10:30…I am so brain dead that the other day I had to check how to spell my name. I sat there pen in hand and couldn’t get past the G. Drew a complete blank.  This 24/7, no relief, no respite care giving of a 75 year old 3 year old will do me in – me, 76 years old and not the healthiest person around.

I got out of bed around 6:15am and if I told you what my day was like from the time I got up until 10am – well, you would have believed it but you wouldn’t wanted to have done it.

My favorite blogs to read are the ones where the person writes about their every day life, I’m nosey that way. (Huh, nosey can be spelled without or without the ‘e’.) Of course you can’t really comment because it’s more like a diary than a invitation to engage.  Despite their putting their life to paper, it’s really not my place to comment on how they live their life. And I don’t think they are really asking.

I’ve been drinking more tea lately. Not as replacement for coffee just in addition to, and in place of plain water. Plain water is boring.

Growing up, and as an adult, I drank a lot of tea, as well as coffee. I was a tea snob. I only used loose tea and I had quite a collection of special fancy teapots for brewing as well as a variety of teas. Somewhere along the years, my tea drinking diminished and I switched to tea bags.

Tea first thing in the morning will never replace coffee. I want my morning coffee but the rest of the day – tea has become the thing. I used to drink a lot of Celestial Seasonings herbal tea – lemon zinger being a favorite – but I find them not satisfying lately. Red Rose was a mainstay, I dislike Lipton. Now I am all about Yorkshire Tea (Red). There is a Yorkshire Tea Gold, never had it, don’t know what the difference is except price. Yorkshire Gold is like twice the price of Red.

I don’t add sweetener to my coffee and never added it to my tea either but Yorkshire Tea is a very strong black tea and I need to take the edge off, I use Truvia, a stevia based sugar substitute.  At one time I used monk fruit sweetener but it’s not easy to find. And it’s pricey.

(I just did a quick search on monk fruit and I think I’d better switch back to it…)

Somewhere along the line I mentioned we would be moving this year but so far nothing viable has shown up and it doesn’t look good. I am so antsy to move. We have lived here 11 years now and I haven’t lived anywhere this long in my adult life.  I like moving, I like change.

I need an adventure.

6 thoughts on “Brain dead brain dump

  1. I enjoyed this post. Was glad to see you posted today. Because I’m all moody and sometimes your posts cheer me. I have now begun doing the coffee-in-the-morning-tea-rest-of-day routine because then I am not up all night. I am not a tea snob at all, for some reason I prefer the cheap nasty shit like Winco Black. It’s odd and I know it. I had something funny to tell you about something my gf said last night concerning a dish she was cooking. I don’t know whether to keep typing here (I’m very high on a weed edibe) or put it in a post. I guess since I have done this much typing I mag as well go for it. She cooked up crumbled Italian sausage in an Insta Pot, just stirred and sautéed it in this pot while I watched. She added a great deal of seasonings and thing to this sausage. One of the things she grabbed was soy sauce. And she goes, “Don’t tell your friend Grace that I put soy sauce in the Italian sausage.” And this amused me greatly so I told her right off the bat that I was totally going to tell you now. So here I am, I hope that amuses you.

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    1. Why in the name of all that is holy would anyone put soy sauce on Italian sausage? It’s not salty enough to begin with? If you want to screw around with crumbled sausage then try British or Irish Bangers – they are relatively benign things. If you knew what we are eating nowadays you would never talk food to me again – if my father knew he would be spinning in his grave – I am so over food, add in the exhaustion and I’m surprised I have the energy to chew. But I have to feed my husband something, thankfully he is Boston Irish and therefore has no palate…

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      1. Haha, she knew you’d say something like that first part. She must read your blog or maybe she’s seen our food chats. I’ll remember about the British/Irish Bangers thing, thank you. I’m sorry to hear that things are a bit shitty lately and I’m hoping you get some rest for that exhaustion soon.

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