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In the lobby of my building we have a small bookcase where folks leave books and magazines they no longer want and anyone can take anything they care to. I have periodically left books and on rare occasions picked up a few.

Last night, after checking my mailbox I decided to browse the latest offerings and found “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox  and The Horse” by Charlie Mackesy.  I snatched that up so quick and hustled to the elevators like a thief. I could not imagine that someone left this!

I hadn’t read it before but I have seen the movie which was the 2023 Oscar winner for Best Animated Short.

“You watched an animated movie, Grace?”  Yes, I know, I have often said I don’t care for animated movies (aside from Coraline) but on one of those sleepless, stressed out nights when my husband was in the nursing home, and I needed something to distract me. I found the movie on Apple+.  (This is the trailer for the movie).

It is only 34 minutes long but it is 34 minutes well spent that will touch your heart.

The movie is the book word-for-word and visually the movie is SO captivating. I could gush for days. But I’ll stop here. Treat yourself to the movie, especially if, perhaps, you are not having a great day and you need something beautiful to look at and need to hear something to warm your heart.

Today’s Shower Song – Billy Joel – Piano Man

12 thoughts on “Fluff ‘N Stuff

    1. Coroline is a stop-motion animated film based on Neil Gaiman’s book. A little dark with a happy ending as I recall. The Boy…etc is a sweet cozy tale with gorgeous visuals. I guess if I liked an animated film it does have to have SOMETHING special to recommend it LOL


    1. It is odd – I had been thinking about the movie and almost suggested to my husband the other night that we watch it together. Then to find the book on the “free book” shelf…

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  1. We will have to check that out. And Coraline is Megan’s favorite! She’s even working on making her own Coraline doll with clay head. She’s doing a great job with the few resources she has at hand. Love that you both have that movie in common!

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    1. I think there are actually Coraline dolls – soft ones. But Megan making her own, well that is something. And Oh Yes, Yes check out the movie and see if you can get the book for the Little Free Library Every page is a delight – “When the big things feel out of control..focus on what you love right under your nose.”


  2. I first heard of that book last year and didn’t realize there’s a movie. I’ll have to see if I can find it since I don’t have any Apple products. It’s such a sweet book and message. One I need to hear often!

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    1. one up on me, I didn’t know there was a book until after the movie. I probably wouldn’t have bothered about the book, I probably would have considered it a children’s book and passed on it. If I had’t been in the situation I was at the time I would have passed on the movie too. The movie is much more enjoyable than the book, the typeface they used for the book is unattractive and annoying for starters…


  3. The book came a couple of years before the movie – I know because I bought it 🙂 The BBC commissioned it to be made into a movie for Christmas – they do a similar project every year.

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