I don’t know about cleaning the lint screen but the others resonate with me – How about you?

Relative to the last panel – you may remember this one from an earlier post – This is the law in my house…


9 thoughts on “Adulting

    1. I don’t actually have a favorite brownie part tho I do usually take the first one and it usually is a corner – it’s always the messiest one to get out of the pan. I didn’t get much sleep the other night so was out of bed at 3:30am and it was just lovely, tired as I was, to sit by myself with coffee and the newspaper – alone and oh so quiet. Tho my husband knows better than to attempt conversation with me in the morning…

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  1. Haha, I get these! We changed sheets today and I can’t wait to go to bed! I’m not a coffee drinker but I relish quiet mornings. I haven’t had brownies in a long time but I love the corner and the middle piece. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    1. I absolutely adore fresh sheets! I look forward to the nights when there are crisp clean sheets on the bed. I often fantasize about having clean sheets on the bed every night – but who has the time for all that laundry and doing all that work of changing the sheets every day. I don’t actually have a brownie preference. If they are warm from the oven and fudgy any piece will do.


  2. I can relate to them all except for the corner brownie. I prefer the middle pieces. The one advantage to living alone is that no one ever bothers me when I’m drinking my first cup of coffee.

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