It's curtains!

Yesterday’s curtain project is done! Amazon came through with the little extra I needed.

I had lace curtains in the living/dining room (you may or may not remember) – 17 feet of lace. When I changed the lace out for the glitter curtains (yes, 17 feet of glitter!) I saved the lace curtains. 

I had 8 extra wide panels. Now 4 panels in my office/bedroom works quite nicely and I love how it looks (because I LOVE lace, especially curtains). 

The other 4 panels would have been perfect in the master bedroom since both windows are the same width (7 feet) BUT when we first moved here I had a ‘professional’ company do the curtains and they talked me into all kinds of crap it turns out I didn’t want – I know (knew) jack-all about curtains and I had to have them re-done 3 times, cost me a boat load of money and I’ve learned my lesson – Pinch Pleat curtains and Traverse Rods  are EVIL. 

I had them replaced with plain ole curtain rods but, as you’ll see in the photos the curtain rod goes across the entire wall even tho the window doesn’t…This is what you call a pop of color – 

The orange panels cover only wall space – the lace curtains cover the window and the condo rules are fulfilled. The other fun thng? 

The bedspread is also orange – you just get a little peek of it here.

Orange is my new purple!

Dear Diary –

 I think it was last Tuesday, or was it Wednesday, that all day I thought it was Saturday. Today is Saturday and I think it is Sunday (Which would be tomorrow). Where does the time go?

I’m loving my new curtain set-up. Have to wait until tomorrow, or the day after, whenever Amazon gets around to delivering my new orange curtains. Yes, orange is my new purple. Of course the orange curtains won’t be visible from outside – condo rules – neutral colored windows coverings only…but – oh never mind too long a story about my curtain adventures in this place…Still – I would love to have glitter curtains in every room but I do need some modicum of privacy in the bedrooms…Feh!

Made cornbread again today, with the good cornmeal – still not coming out the way it used to – what is the problem? Annoying.

Saw these teeny tiny bees on the holly tree outside my window, tried to get a quick pic and they came out just awful – no amount of futzing around helps – and maybe this isn’t a bee?

There is jack-all to watch on television, and by television I mean streaming. I refuse to add any more streaming services. Last night I got so frustrated at the dreck that is called ‘entertainment’ that I made my husband play Scrabble – I won! – yet again! 

Go Me!