Fluff ‘N Stuff

I like chocolate but only dark chocolate and I am very, very partial to See’s Candy.  I’ve never been much impressed by supposedly high end chocolates like Godiva or Ghirardelli. The ultimate in chocolates, in my opinion is Teuscher but that’s another conversation.

At any rate our daughter sent chocolates, as a little spirit raiser when my husband was in the hospital, which included a bag of Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry squares. And now I am addicted. These things are not cheap but I scored some on sale last week. I do not need an expensive addiction. Nor do I need the calories (70 per square). But boy oh boy do I need that hit of chocolate and raspberry.

Speaking of raspberries – I love raspberries but only when they are cooked down to a syrupy sauce like in fillings for chocolate or as jam. Or as a coulis to be used on chocolate cake instead of frosting. Fresh raspberries don’t thrill me. Same with blueberries – put them in muffins, waffles, pie – love them. Fresh in a bowl – not so much.

Notice a theme here? chocolate and fruit has got to be the ultimate  combination of any two foods.

I checked my WP stats yesterday and weird thing. Someone downloaded an 11 second video I posted last November. I made it with an Instagram filter of “Let It Go” with my face in place of the cartoon character’s.  Why the hell would anyone do that? And who did it? I find this very disturbing.

I still can’t get that Hexclad pan out of my mind. $199.00 for a pan – No. But then again why not? I have a stainless steel 12-inch pan and a  12-inch non-stick one. The non-stick is pretty beat up and I’m back to using the stainless steel pan, which I’m not thrilled with considering what I use it for. Now the Hexclad is non-stick, and the 12-inch pan is the one I use more than any other because I do mostly one pan cooking. I am so jonesing for that pan.  Stop me before I shop! I am too old to be buying expensive cookware.

Speaking of cooking – it is 11:30am so I need to start making lunch – which is our main meal of the day and the only time I cook – there is no cooking at night; no dish washing. Kitchen closes at 6pm.  Lately I’ve been having dark chocolate raspberry squares for dinner and my husband has yogurt and a peanut butter sandwich.  At least he is eating something reasonably healthy, me – I’m just being decadent.

Happy November 1st

It was a foggy morning and now it’s a bright shiny afternoon.

It’s been a rough couple of days and I refuse to spread doom and gloom outside these walls. Let’s see if I can find some fluff ‘n stuff…

TV – 5,493 channels and nothing to watch. The pandemic certainly had a negative impact on the entertainment biz. After things lifted a bit productions started up but with limited episodes. Second and third and fourth etc seasons we were looking forward to haven’t happened or happened with half the usual number of episodes. At least for British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand tv shows. I can’t say much for US television because we watch very little of it. Not that we are snobs it’s just that there is very little that interests us. We are not teenagers, or 20-somethings, or 30-somethings or even 40-somethings. We are not interested in shows or movies about these folks either. Tho I must admit we did enjoy “Emily in Paris” maybe because I have a thing for Paris and my husband likes rom-coms. (I know, I know – my husband is such a girl!)

After scrolling through Prime I decided to take a look at “Mozart in the Jungle” an oldie (2014-2018) but, it turns out, a goodie.

I never binge watch. At most I will watch two consecutive episodes of a show and that’s when an episode ends on a cliff hanger and I MUST see what happens next.  Yet, half hour shows are easier to binge and I watched 5 episodes of Mozart in one might and then the next 5 episodes the next night and that took care of season 1 and then I took a break.

The best part of the show? The music! Yes, it’s classical music and I love it. I let the credits roll because of the music behind them. I sit and sway and conduct to my happiness. Classical music is so danceable, probably why so many ballets are set to classical music. I used to dance in my seat at the symphony and had to exert great effort to NOT conduct the orchestra.

So here’s a show with charming characters, not a vile nasty one among them (so far), a fluffy storyline, and damn –  the music. It has music. I’m in love!

And that’s my fluff for the day…