Miscellaneous Mishegoss

 ~ Beginning in January of 2017 and extending through January of 2019 I went through extensive dental work culminating in dentures. Yes, it took that long. And yes my ability to chew was negligible for a good part of that time. The result was a loss of 45 or so pounds. I started out fat and ended up less fat. Now I’m merely overweight/chubby. 

The thing is my weight has stayed the same – with a 2 pound variation – for the last 2 years. It fluctuates between 1?1.30 and 1?3.30. No, I’m no going to let anyone know that middle number. That .30 is a kicker isn’t it? I have a great scale to recommend if you are in the market for one. 

Anyway – I weigh myself every day because I am a masochist, or, just curious. Losing another 20 pounds would be brilliant, probably impossible without contracting a fatal illness, but brilliant. Here’s the thing tho – if you do weigh yourself on a regular basis make sure you have peed and pooped before you get on that scale – pee and poop can account for a good two pounds. (And if you are not a daily pooper, maybe even more.) Just sayin’ 

~ My husband’s daughter sent him a blanket for Father’s Day – it has pictures of the granddaughters aka the baby princesses and it says “My favorite people call me Grandpa”. I would show you a photo but I stopped posting photos of the baby princesses once they got out of the infant stage – my own self-imposed privacy rules.  I suppose I should call them the “little princesses” now that they are 3 and 5. 

Anyway – It’s a very nice blanket and I do believe my husband got a little teary-eyed when he unfolded it. First he said, “I can use it when I nap in the afternoon”. Then he said “You know I think we should leave this on the bed all the time, it can be my extra blanket”. My husband is not much for showing emotions – so I know he is really touched by this. 

~ It’s late in the afternoon as I’m typing this, it’s been a bad day – the heat and humidity play havoc with my old bones – my left knee keeps buckling even with the knee brace and my spine feels like one solid fused bone pole. Got little sleep last night; the a/c is on today which means my nose is all stuffed up and my eyes are dry and itchy. Whine – Whine – Whine. 

I’ve been feeling physically and mentally like crap all day but I have to say my husband’s present perked me right up. It’s his present, don’t know why it would make ME happy – yet it did. 

~ I need some good books to read. Currently I have crap available unless I start re-reading the good stuff. A year or so ago I started a TBR list – whenever I read a review of a book I think I’d like I put it on the list – there are been more losers than winners. My local library has a crappy ebook collection – they’re spending my tax money on “romances” or bodice rippers as they used to be called. I just call them crap. I stopped reading those things when I 13 or 14 or so.

Right now I am on the waiting list for “The Latinist” (10th out of 15); “the Sentence” (27th out of 65); “The Verifiers” (34th out of 34)); “The Matrix” (50th out of 50) and “Tracy Flick Can’t Win” (9th out of 10). Those numbers may have changed, I haven’t checked in a few days. What are you guessing that I will actually LIKE any of these books? Or even finish reading any of these books? Yeah, I don’t have high hopes either. 

~ There was something else I wanted to talk about but this has gone on too long – maybe tomorrow (or not).