Things are tough right now

My husband suffered a seizure early around 12:30am Sunday morning (late Saturday night – however you might want to place the time). We spent 13 hours in the ER while they tried to find a bed. He got a bed around 3pm Sunday afternoon. He is severely debilitated. They still haven’t been able to do an MRI to see what brain damage there might be or what caused the seizure.  He is currently not functioning mentally at any kind of reasonable level.

I was at the hospital from 1am Sunday until 8pm Sunday, close to 48 hours without sleep, (we had just gone to bed Saturday night when the seizure happened),  went over 24 hours without food, I was back at the hospital Monday at 9am stayed until 7. It’s 8:30pm now on Monday night.

Just like last night I am so tired I am actually energized. But obviously I am spending all day at the hospital aggravating the staff and taking care of my husband.

So don’t look for me on the interwebz. I’ll leave comments open but I probably won’t be responding. I don’t have the bandwidth for it.