Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~~ I got curious about how people ‘remember’. I retrieve memories visually.  I suspect most people do – how else can you retrieve a memory? I really don’t want to go down the path of researching memory. If I want to remember something I simply picture it in mind – like the other morning – I was in the shower and couldn’t remember if I had washed my hair – I don’t always do things in the same order – so I stood with my eyes closed and re-ran, like a tape, my whole shower from the beginning and righty-ho I saw myself with the shampoo bottle in my hand.  So how would you remember something like that?

~~ I mentioned the Ghirardelli Dark chocolate and raspberry squares that I have become addicted to  – my keyboard is now coated in chocolate. I’ve gone through 2 bags of these in a little over a week – granted there are only 10 little squares to a bag…

~~ I hate laptops – I don’t know how anyone works on them – I use a mouse because I can’t figure out how to get anything accomplished without one – how do you right click on a trackpad? And then – if you even just ever so slightly brush against the trackpad you can delete everything you just typed or the screen automatically moves or something weird comes whooshing in from the sides. I hate that damn thing and yet – My first Apple computer was a 15 inch MacBook Pro  – that was like 18 years ago – I didn’t move on to an iMAC till maybe 10 years ago. I should be able to use a laptop easily and yet I can’t – Did I forget or had I never really mastered the damn thing? At any rate – I now hate laptops.

I’ve got so many Apple devices stashed in the closet – I should schlep them down to the Apple store and trade them in for store credit and upgrade my phone…I also have cords (I almost typed “chords” – ha-ha-homophone error!) that I have never used and don’t even know what they are for, only that they work with an Apple.

We have a plastic storage box filled with all kinds of computer accessories that probably go back to when we had Windows computers, also a variety of surge protectors . Oh boy do we have a lot of those! And dead mice – the computer kind not the cute furry kind. Oh and remotes – we have lots and lots of remotes – Comcast never wants them back – I can’t wait for June when the condo sponsors a ‘Get Rid of Your Junk” day – can’t come soon enough for me.

~~ My usual bad typing is totally horrendous today – any word with more than 2 syllables has had a typing error – I know I am spelling the words correctly because I am spelling them in my head and typing them like a dyslectic drunk…

~~ Things are getting a little bit back to normal around here – the husband is getting around better, walking without imminent danger of falling over –  takes a lot of the pressure off me – of course even before the seizure he was wobbly – so normal is a relative thing.

~~ I’ve got to wrap this up and disconnect the keyboard and wash it! It is making me twitchy seeing it this dirty and I think my fingers are sticking to it! Ewww.

Oh and a pretty picture from yesterday morning –

I’ve got a problem

I have always prided myself on my phenomenal memory – just a shade off of being eidetic. Lately my memory is playing tricks on me – just today I mis-remembered the date of my husband’s last physical. I insisted it was in August. I was wrong. It was in February.  There is a reason I got this wrong, not going to explain it but it troubles me that I did it.

Anyway –

Last night, I dreamt about writing a blog post about language and words and became semi-conscious and was about to get up to research the topic when I fell back to sleep. I also dreamt about writing about the essential self and in the light of day I can’t remember whether I was in a deep sleep or semiconscious – also, my father was in my dreams last night but I don’t think he was my father – just someone who looked like my father…I was very confused this morning.

It’s always interesting to note how the brain makes connections. I was making lunch today and opened a new bottle of BBQ sauce. I used the sauce, put the bottle in the fridge and then I thought “Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce – sounds like that song Sweet Baby James by that guy I don’t like who was married to Carly Simon who I don’t like either. Isn’t it funny what things can remind you of others things, and that they are things you don’t like”

Then something made me pause – and I thought “Wait, the bbq sauce isn’t called Sweet Baby Ray’s, is it?” So I checked the bottle – nope, the bbq sauce is just Ray’s. No sweet, no baby. Just Ray’s. But – under the name was “no sugar added”.

Here’s the thing tho – there IS a bbq sauce called Sweet Baby Ray’s– what I have is the sugar free version of that bbq sauce called simply Ray’s ’cause it’s NOT sweet.

You get old enough and there is just too much shit in your head and everything runs together and sometimes it feels like it all just happened yesterday and every day is Sunday.