Miscellaneous Mishegoss

Caveat: I’m not criticizing. I’m not in it for an argument. This is about ME. But, if you choose to comment, I’d love to know what seemingly popular things in any of the categories I touch upon, YOU don’t like.  Or anything in any category of popular culture that irks you.

~ This morning’s shower mental meanderings centered on home decor items I really, really don’t like, or that I don’t understand.  What I don’t like? Stainless steel appliances; Shaker style cabinets especially in white. The kitchen has to be the messiest room in the house why oh why would you have white as the predominant color? And Shaker style cabinets – once the smutz gets in those corners good luck getting it out – even with a toothbrush. My days of cleaning anything with a toothbrush, aside from teeth, are over.  I had a bathroom vanity with Shaker style doors – there was always smutz in the corners.  I got rid of the vanity I hated it so much.

~ I should not even talk about throw pillows, that has been such a long standing joke between me and the rest of the world it’s not worth mentioning any more.

~ I am always amused, and bemused, by folks who decorate for holidays or seasons. Most of the time it is really pretty. I am in awe of the effort folks put into it, just collecting and coordinating the appropriate decor. Obviously it makes them happy but I don’t understand it.  Could be I just think of it as clutter, or that I am simply not creative (which I’m not).

~ I don’t understand open floor plans. I do not want my kitchen in my living room. Even when I lived in a studio apartment the kitchen was walled off. In my apartment I have an L-shaped living room/dining area. This is okay, I don’t mind. It has its pluses – that seemingly all important socializing aspect. I get that. But – I still do not want to sit on the sofa and be staring at pots and pans.

~ Speaking of pots and pans – I’ve always had small kitchens yet I have never been inclined to hang pots and pans from the ceiling. I don’t consider them decor!  Oh hell I don’t consider anything decor – such a prissy word.

~ Also about pots and pans – I hate to cook; I’m 76 years old and I am so wanting new pots and pans.  The ones I’m wanting are super expensive but they have me itchy and twitchy with gimme, gimme.

~ I’ve got the attention span of a 2-year old. The official name of this blog, for the moment, is “Subject to Change Without Notice” . I change the header frequently because, well, just because. There is always something that catches my fancy and either makes me bounce in my chair or tugs at my heartstrings (Awww…) I’ve changed blog names/urls so many times in the past 20 years it’s a wonder anyone even knows how to find me. Why they want to find me is also a good question.

The last big url change was because I had a stalker, someone I know and who I try to avoid at all costs. In retrospect I am kicking myself for allowing anyone to make me jump through hoops to avoid them. But I actually fear this person. Even so – I’m too damn old to let fear impact my actions about something as inconsequential as a blog. That nobody reads. Really disappointed in myself about that.

~ I edit and edit and edit. And correct. Yesterday David made a comment about something in the post that I was  correcting even as he was commenting. If anyone reads the comments they might be scratching their heads as to what that is about.  I don’t often go back and read old posts because I know I will go into edit mode. At the very least to correct typos because I am the world’s worst typist.

~ No, I don’t like “Ted Lasso”.  My husband and I watched about 10 minutes of the show, looked at each and said “What the hell???” and turned it off.  I was actually criticized for not liking the show and the person said “Really, you can tell after only 10 minutes you don’t like something?” Well, yes I can. And I do. Movies I’ll give 20 minutes, tv shows 10 or 15 minutes, max, and that depends on whether it’s an hour or a half hour show.

Take the The ‘Knives Out’ franchise for example.  I didn’t like the first one and I didn’t like the second one. Why the hell I even wasted 20 minutes on the second one is beyond me. But hope springs eternal.  Both movies were highly touted by the professional critics. I have learned that anything professional critics like, I won’t.

Oh hell, I started this late and I have chores awaiting me – gotta run.

Yes – please let me know what popular ‘thing’ irks you. Let’s have a little positive negativity here. Go for it!

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

For starters, today is Sunday, January 1st. New Year’s Day and for some strange reason it is a holiday. Except – Tomorrow, Monday, January 2nd is the day the ‘holiday’ will be officially celebrated with everything closed.  So many questions here – like – why is it a holiday in the first place?  I could rant on about ‘holidays’, their official day/date and the day/date they are ‘celebrated’ on but that would require some research, and I’m not in the mood because

I just stumbled over something I think is funny. Earlier today I read a blog post by Rivergirl about receiving kitchen appliances for Christmas.

A few minutes ago I checked my reader and there was a post on the Bluebird of Bitterness which was a re-post, I guess you could call it, from The Babylon Bee,  titled “Mary holding out hope for 4th wise man bearing an air fryer” .

Different strokes for different folks, eh? I doubt Rivergirl and the bluebird of bitterness got together and planned this and despite the old saying that there is no such thing as a coincidence, I’m guessing in this case there is – such a thing.

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

There is an old saying “We get too soon old, and too late smart” and I am a living testament to that.  For the 10 years that I have lived here I have been forcing myself to get up at the crack of dawn twice a week to do laundry (community laundry rooms). Truth to tell it is not really necessary – I’ve discovered (actually known) that afternoons no one is ever using the laundry rooms. Why have I been torturing myself all these years, forcing myself into some unnecessary, irrational ‘schedule’ that doesn’t serve me in any way?  And certainly keeps me from getting a decent night’s sleep. So last week I decided to

And it’s been lovely!

I wonder about this whole “Frozen” thing. The first movie came out in 2013, the follow-up, “Frozen 2”, came out in 2019. My granddaughters are 3 and 5 years old – they are just as devoted to Frozen 1 as they are to Frozen 2.

I really don’t enjoy animated anything. Cartoons are just not my thing, never were, going back to Farmer Grey. There is one animated thing I like and that’s the movie Coraline.  I don’t do Disney either. Never have seen the attraction there.

Yeah, sure I watched the Mickey Mouse Club , can’t say I remember much about it aside from Jiminy Cricket. The only way I can spell the word “encyclopedia” is by singing it.  Disney characters, the whole Disney experience never captured my fancy.  I hated most of the Disney films that I was forced to watch and I still get upset that Bambi’s mother died. (And that’s all I remember about the movie.) I just never got the whole princess thing either.  Personally, I wanted to be a Duchess.


Miscellaneous Mishegoss

❣ I actually went for a walk – outside  – today.  I meant to turn up Henderson but I turned up Pershing instead which made for a shorter walk.  After 10 years of walking around this neighborhood there’s nothing much to see. The apartment complexes haven’t done any Fall gardening and the single family houses haven’t done any Halloween decorating. It’s kinda blah.

At the rear entrance of my building there are four huge planters that are re-planted several times a year – right now they look like this –

And all that lush greenery will soon be removed and thrown away and something else will be planted. I always think it’s such a waste to throw away healthy plants.

All the apartment complexes around here use the same landscaping service and they all go through this same “throw out healthy plants and put in something new” (and, supposedly, seasonal.)

It does make for pretty looking properties but still – the waste. I feel bad for the plants.

❣ I bought another book! I mean a real, printed, hold in your hands book. I’m supposed to be getting rid of books not acquiring more.

I was a bit disappointed because I thought it would be an updated edition and it’s not. Pooh! The book is “A Small Fiction” and it has a FB page and IG and Twitter accounts.  The only thing on my FB page is excerpts that were posted on their social media but aren’t in the book.  Some of them are really funny, some thoughtful and some make no sense at all. This is my favorite…

Speaking of books – the book I talked about last week, the one I sent to a few friends? They all loved it! Which was a great relief to me, sending a gift a person doesn’t like – that would make me sad.  The book is “All the Colors of Life” by Lisa Aisato.  Here is a short Youtube   video about the book…just a minute and 24 seconds but it will give you an idea of the book and it’s beauty and charm.

❣ The video I posted yesterday – such a beautiful, sad and sweet story. I’ve had it in my Youtube favorites for years and yesterday while I was looking for a song I could have sworn I’d saved, I watched it again and plunked it here because yesterday was a sad day; a weird day, at the end of which I started deleting myself off the interwebz.

I get like that sometimes. I want to erase myself. But this morning I put myself back. Unerased myself.

But today was a good day, as much as any day is a good day.

It’s all in my head

It’s been just about a week since I last wrote anything here. It’s not that my brain hasn’t been busy, busy, busy – it has, always is, as evidenced by the bags and dark circles under my eyes (should that be semi-circles under my eyes?)

I’ve had some fascinating conversations with myself or rather, myself and assorted imaginary people and real people who weren’t actually really involved in the conversation. You know what I mean, right? It’s all happening in my head.

I’ve said it a million times I’d rather talk than type but I suspect there are many people, like me, who hate people talking at them and they have no opportunity to react or interact.

I used to hate ebooks but I’ve gotten to appreciate them very much plus I can’t get to the library easily so ebooks it is BUT I will NEVER EVER use an audiobook. This I can promise you, you can take that to the bank!

I know, I know – never say never  (again, again ’cause here I am in love again – yes, everything is a song.) But I’m pretty damn sure on the audiobook thing.

My last post I was bitchin’ about the weather, the next day it turned gorgeous and then last Friday it turned ugly and stayed ugly right up until this morning. Right now it is downright gorgeous – 80º, 45% humidity, 10mph breezes, sunny, blue skies, fluffy clouds – PERFECTION! It should always be thus – Heaven (and, yes that’s another song).

A fascinating conversation I had last night (instead of sleeping) was a discussion with someone, don’t know who, about Ibsen. I’ve always wanted to direct “Hedda Gabler” because, to my mind, everyone gets poor old Hedda all wrong. Whereas “A Doll’s House” irks me because Ibsen is so busy making his point that he leaves holes in the plot so huge you could fly a 747 through them.

The conversation continues, on my side, that Ibsen actually only had one point and he made it over and over and over again. One plot, one story told time again. Which of course reminded me of that wonderful quote (so I said to this nameless, faceless person I was talking to) by Elizabeth Strout from “My Name is Lucy Barton” – “You will have only one story. You’ll write your one story many ways. Don’t ever worry about story. You have only one

At that point I think I got out of bed and so endeth that particular conversation. (Endeth – love that word – got it from church – “and here endeth today’s lesson” said after the Bible readings, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. In case you were wondering, or maybe you weren’t.)

I’ve written numerous posts this past week, mentally. Once a post gets written, mentally, I’m done with it. Myself thinks, “Well, I covered that topic, no point in writing it down”. So I don’t.

Had another ‘conversation’ this morning on a topic that I was going to write about but it needed some research and now I don’t think I care any longer. (I started to write anymore, then wondered about anymore vs any more, the differences are rather obvious once my memory was prodded but I decided to go with any longer.)

And this is how my brain works. It is so not easy being green.

Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ A few weeks ago I got a ‘friend request’ on FB from my elder male sibling – a person I have not been in contact with for over 40 years. I deleted it. I had no idea he knew my married name. I have another FB account with my birth name and never got a bite there. I figured out how he made the connection. No biggie but I thought it was interesting.

~ Just realized as I was typing that today is my father’s birthday – were he alive he would be 107 years old. He died in 1973 – 57 1/2 years old.

~ I often say I have no imagination. I can’t invent a story. I could never write a fiction book. So even if it’s a colossally bad book, badly written, plotted – the whole nine yards of bad – I still have admiration for anyone who can do that. It is NOT easy. So props to people who write fiction.

~ I write about books but I can’t write a decent book review to save my life. I wonder what kind of book reports I wrote when I was in school. I do admire a well written book review, lord knows I read enough of them.

~ While I can’t write fiction I am one hell of a good editor. A blog I read, the person is posting little vignettes – small bits of fiction. Someone decided to comment with a ‘critique’ of one tiny aspect – given the other aspects that could most definitely be adjusted – so to speak – I thought it was funny. My reaction was – “THAT’S what you decided needed work?” Since the blogger didn’t ask for editing advice I found the comment unnecessary. Don’t know why that bothered me and is still on my mind. The blogger was gracious in his response. (No, I didn’t comment at all.)

~ I kid a lot about the whole pumpkin spice thing – come on – it’s funny. I read an article the other day, can’t remember if it was the Post or the Times, that basically said pumpkin spice is now part of the culture so get over yourself. But I just can’t let it go – it does make me laugh.

So I’ll leave you with this –

Crazy Shit

 Let’s start with this – 

I cannot even fathom this level of stupidity. But then – look at who said it. 

If that doesn’t give you a rueful chuckle then listen to this: Domino’s Pizza, after 7 years of trying to establish themselves in Italy, has closed its 29 stores there. The reason for the closure? Well, Duh! Do you have to ask? What moron thought that was a good idea? That’s a bit like bringing coals to Newcastle. Are there P.F. Changs in Beijing? Do they sell Budweiser in Berlin? Domino’s pizza in Italy – the mind boggles.

Also crazy shit – the weather. We are in our third day of high temperatures in the 70’s and overnight lows in the 50’s and 60’s with – wait for it – low humidity. Heaven! It was so crisp this morning that I adjusted the windows from wide open to almost closed. Needless to say I’ve slept well the last two nights. 

Any craziness in your neck of the woods?