Here we go again with the holiday crap

And here is probably another entry from me about why I’d like to into hiding for the next 6 weeks…when you grow up in an abusive home with a female parent who is your basic sociopath – well, you can kind of guess that the normal abuse and insanity gets intensified around “holiday” time – any holiday will do actually – one Easter (and why is that a holiday?) she got up from the dinner table and announced she was running away from home – and she left. I think we just kept on eating – she “ran away” from home on many occasions – it’s a tad embarrassing when the whole neighborhood comes out to watch as your father drives slowly down the street, yelling out the car window “June, get in the car” and June just keeps marching down the street to the bus stop. No, she doesn’t actually get on the bus, she gets in the car and comes back. It was always amusing (at least in retrospect) that she would ANNOUNCE she was leaving and then go – sometimes Pop let her, sometimes he followed down the street in the car. Fun times, everyone! Happy holiday memories!

Ah but Christmas and Thanksgiving – those were SPECIAL bad times! And every year there would be that SPECIAL beating accompanied by “I’ll make you remember Thanksgiving/Christmas 19__(fill in the rest of the year yourself – it happened every year). And guess what, I have remembered. And guess what, I HATE holidays. And guess what else, these are the times I hate HER! The rest of the time, I don’t know what I feel about her, certainly not active hate, not pity exactly either. But I don’t feel bad about not caring about this creature, my shrink didn’t like her either LOL Sometimes numb is a good thing.