While I'm waiting for the pie to bake

 It’s 10am and the pie went in at 9:30 – I could have showered and dressed but I got waylaid by my pinball brain and now there’s not enough time so – 

Yes, pie. Pumpkin pie – Mrs. Smith’s. After months of denial of all things pie, I say the hell with my A1C, I WILL have pie. My husband doesn’t like pumpkin pie so it’s mine, all mine. 

I put in a grocery order on Sunday for delivery on Tuesday and you can update your order until 6pm the day before. We had crispy chicken strips for lunch Monday and they were so good I decided to see if Giant had them so I could add them to my order. While I was checking that out I decided to see what they had for pie and Bingo! – pie, on sale. $4.99, usually $8.99 – well who could resist, not I. 

We will still grocery shop at Harris Teeter on Thursday but won’t be getting much – a wasted trip basically but they have the bread my husband prefers. It is inconvenient that no one store carries all the items we want/need/prefer. When we had a car it wouldn’t be such a big deal to go grocery store hopping but when a round trip by Uber runs to $25 you think carefully about unnecessary trips.  So there is quite a bit of making do and going without and seizing the day because Harris Teeter is unreliable when it comes to availabilities. 

Grocery prices have skyrocketed and neither Harris Teeter nor Giant were cheap to begin with. I don’t know how families are managing, it’s crazy shit.

Melissa commented on the desktop photo in yesterday’s video of my computer. In the video the photo looks black and white but in reality it was a ‘color select’ shot. I had just gotten a Canon Power shot and was playing with the settings. I think my intention was to chose to keep BB’s orange color but instead it turned out like this – 

I never did master the color select option on the camera. I did like it a lot but now, after 9 years it doesn’t seem to want to work. I have 2 batteries for it and neither seems to want to hold a charge or – the camera simply doesn’t want to acknowledge it contains a charged battery. I’m on the fence about investing in another battery since I have the Nikon D3300…
I need to go check on my pie – I’ll leave you with this thought –