I miss having a fully functioning brain

I know I promised not to whinge and whine and kvetch about my life as it now stands – just barely stands – lo these past 5 months.  But my brain is mush, getting mushier by the day. I miss have a perky peppy brain. I miss writing. I miss reading.

So perhaps I can make myself a promise to write some nonsense here every day.

How about we talk about pie? Y’all know I love pie, most particularly fruit pies with a side order of key lime pie. Considering lime is a fruit I suppose we can throw that into the fruit pie category. Tho it is like a cream pie and I don’t like cream pies.


Much as I like to bake, and I’m not a half bad baker, I can’t do pies. The crust is easy-peasy, I do an all butter crust, it’s the fillings that never come out right. Therefore when I get pie-cravings I buy frozen pies that you bake at home. Oddly, baked in a bakery pies are never all that good.

My husband has finally succumbed to my pie preference when it comes to baked goods (in addition to his devotion to Twinkies and Hostess Cupcakes – eww!) and asks for pie every week when I put in the grocery order.

Here’s what you need to know about store bought, frozen, bake-it-yourself pies – fruit pies must be Marie Callender. I just took a Dutch Apple Pie out of the oven – Heavenly. Dutch Apple is also known as Apple Crumb Pie. I have my mother’s recipe for apple crumb pie, always a favorite of mine, but I have never attempted to make it.

When it comes to pumpkin pie Mrs. Smith’s is the way you want to go. Mrs. Smith’s fruit pies – Meh. The pumpkin pie? Hoo-Boy that’s good eating. I have consumed an entire pie in one day.  I do not share my pumpkin pie.

A very good key lime pie? Edwards. Edwards does cream pies and you can buy them whole or individual slices. The pies are adorned with something that purports to be whipped cream, I always scrape it off. My husband has me add even more whipped cream. That’s a thing with him – he smothers all desserts in whipped cream. My husband is a culinary philistine.  Don’t get me started.

Today’s shower song – John Denver – Take Me Home Country Roads