I know I said

that I would try to post something, anything, everyday and then it all got away from me because…

Two days ago I was going to post about a book I was reading that I was going to complain about and then – took about 30 pages or so and I was hooked.

Every minute I can grab away from my duties and obligations I’m reading.  It kills me to piss away almost 3 hours every night watching television with my husband when I could be doing something more constructive – like read my book.

The format is not one I care for – each chapter covers the same events basically but from a different character’s point of view – Hate that. You have to keep track of a time frame and what the character “reported” in their previous chapter. Also too, the book is something like 510 pages and you know I am not fond of, and generally avoid, books over 350 pages.

And yet here I am – totally immersed and engaged.

The book is “Hello Beautiful” by Ann Napolitano.

Somewhere in the past I spoke favorably about her previous book “Dear Edward” and based on that book I took this one out from the library. I don’t know what it is about her books that captivate me – I start out not being a fan and 30 or so pages in, maybe more, I am . To say it is the writing is facile because how can you describe good writing? And yet…the flow of words and story brings you in and keeps you there.

Gotta go – clothes need to go from washer to dryer and then I get to read for a few minutes…