Fiddlehead Ferns…

what a thing to dream about, right? And what do I, the concrete and carbon monoxide gal, know about fiddlehead ferns? Well quite a bit actually, sort of, a little. 

In my dream I was trying to convince someone that the only time to pick fiddlehead ferns to eat was in the Spring; that Summer is not fiddlehead season, and that you need to cook them right away and…on and on I went about the proper use of them.

I just looked up fiddlehead ferns, wanting to get a photo, and found this web page. I didn’t know that I knew that much about fiddlehead ferns – considering I had never heard of them prior to that day in 1990. And haven’t had any contact with, or interest in them since. 

Way back when (then) I lived in Derby Line, VT, I was coerced into foraging for fiddlehead ferns and as thanks for helping I received severals jars of pickled fiddleheads and my were they tasty! Of course I happen to like pickled foods. I can’t recall exactly what they tasted like, only that I liked them. 

But damn, it’s a weird thing to dream about. Not only that I was so agitated trying to explain the foolishness of foraging for fiddleheads in the Summer I actually woke myself up. I went back to sleep and continued with the dream. 

A restless night’s sleep because of fiddlehead ferns. 

(Gosh, isn’t it fun to say ‘fiddlehead ferns’?)